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  1. On the exterior , it resembles the Monaro 90%?
    1. yes


  2. its based of the holden monaro chassis so basically 99.9 percent of the regular GTO is a downgraded Monaro
  3. it doesn't resemble a holden monaro.

    it IS a holden monaro. its been re-badged, give a few headlights and plastic body panel switches, an now is being sold as american muscle with the historic GTO badge on it.

    And get this, the monaro is just a holden commodore family car (the typical fleet buyers company car in australia) with 2 less doors, and some cosmetic body panel changes (the most extensive change is the lowering of the roof by a few inches!, other than that, the changes are meraly to accomidate the longer 2 doors!)
  4. Forza, its a little more than that.

    Commodores have monocogue construction. ie. a shell
    They completely made a new shell for it, every body panel was new, although design was based on the commy.

    you are a dickhead. think before you speak.
  5. Yes, they nicked it from the aussies
  6. Forza, you are full of rubbish! If you knew anything about the Monaro project you would realise that there is something like only 2% of commodore body parts in it. Obviously their mechanicals are basically the same but its an entirely different chassis (you dont "just lower the roof by a few inches")

    as for the GTO, they are well and truly a monaro with a few subtle changes (like the grile...and thats about it), in fact they are exported to the US from the elizabeth plant in Adelaide (Australia)
  7. actually bugatti u r a clown, u r the dik hed. and so r u thommo. if either of u knew anything about the monaro and the way it was built u would know that it was extremely cheap to make only something like 28 million. they tried to keep costs down as much as possible and recycle as many parts they could from the commie. it is a cheap and poorly constructed car with most parts coming from the sedan.
  8. forza is right
  9. Actually its not a cheap and poorly constructed car
    It did well in crash tests.

    Its better made than most American cars and Some Rice
    and definitely has more style that jap crap

    Forza me che hai in quella testa?
    Lascia sta le nostre macchine
  10. The Commodore looks so much better

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