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Discussion in '2000 Ford Mustang Cobra R' started by LittleMercedes, Nov 18, 2002.

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    dude, check the stats on a 2000 vette, and the 2000 Cobra R. Then quit being so damn defensive and naive.
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    first of all, those z06 stats are the 2002 model, because the 2003 model is heavier and therefore slower (because of the 50 year anniversary extras).

    of course the 2002 z06 will smoke the 2000 cobra R, because the 2002 z06 can take the 2003 viper srt-10. its been proven on the track. if you want to compare, get the stats for the 2000 vette. which brings me to the base model vette you have, which is the same as the 2001 vette stats. And look at the comparison, .1, .2 second difference? come on, do you honestly think that the 2000 vette could have pulled if off? no, i watched the video. the 2000 cobra took the 2000 vette on the track and the drag. need I say more?

    yes the vette has always been the better car, but in 2000 ford decided to prove a point and say that they could be the best too. and watch out for 2004, ford plans to blow past chevy, dodge, and even ferrari! call it the Ford GT.
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    Roumers. The oldest cars you will ever see on the road STILL DRIVING will be Fords. Ive seen Fords driving that are almost 100 years old.

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