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Discussion in '2000 Lotus Elise 111S' started by Bill Oddity, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Would be nice had Sun not run into problems with illegally imported Elises <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Which won't be a problem when they can be legally imported next summer, now will it?
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    turbotechnics do a few supercharger conversions for the elise (note: not turbochargers) - they do up to 230bhp but it requires most of the k-series engine to be replaced. Not cheap.

    The new elise uses a 190ish bhp toyota engine.


    ps. The standard car does 133mph. I have one.

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    it's drag limited at 141 ( car and driver dec 03)
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    I have nothing to say to the Lotus Cars Inc. The have wasted an Exellent design on bad performance. By the looks of an Elise or an Exige, Both car should have configuration that is better than a Dodge Viper GTS atleast.
  6. I tested mine using a garmin GPS to measure the speed. The 141mph value presumably was true for the car which car+driver tested, however there are a number of factors that affect elise top speed.

    The rover engines in these cars are notorious for being variable on stated power. The same dyno on the same day with the same temperatures in engines resulted in 117 to 135bhp being recorded for the same spec engine in diffeent examples of the same model of elise. (dyno used was the emerald rolling road in norfolk if you care).

    The top speed can be affected by tyre pressure, tyre type (the elise s1 can wear two different widths, and various manufacturers tyres have differing rolling resistances), even the exhaust can make a large difference to power (mine went from 117bhp to 130 on one day by replacing the back box with a more free-flowing sports type).

    Model of elise: S1 or S2, with our without VVC engine, with or without sporty exhaust, with or without wide rubber. It all adds up. Mine felt quite unstable at 133mph with a 130bhp engine, I can tell you - and I've driven over 160mph in other cars.

  7. They are for different things. If you tried to put a 8 or 8.3L v10 into the elise, you'd have to make it much longer in order for it o fit (like a few _feet_ longer). It'd be quicker in a straight line, but much slower in the corners. The elise engine and transmission weighs probably about a quarter of what the viper's v10 and gearbox weigh. You'd destroy everything that makes the elise good.

    It's not about being the quickest thing in the world - or about going fast in a straight line. The elise isn't even about going fast - though it can.

    It's all about enjoyment of driving, and it's great at that. There's nothing in the world that's more fun round a twisty circuit.


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