most cruelty begans

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by kaori super, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. the cruelty of 426 hemistage 8 he began to be limited to the machine.

    crazy, brutal cruel mess started immediately!
  2. As if someone from the People's Republic of China could comment or even diss our Hemistage, gtfo.
  3. i thought kaori was yapanese
  4. i thought this was stupid
  5. I tried to have a laugh, but I failed. A backfire, if you will.

    No, you won't.
  6. lame 2nd account
  7. Look, to be a good second account, you need free-e-style skills, blue fur, an appetite for cookies, wit and merchandise bought by highschool chicks.

    You're probably only into cookies.
  8. blue screen often, way bad.
  9. Hemistage is a nob.
  12. shut the #$%# up, you cum guzzling whore.
    go show your c u n t to the ghetto boys, so they can gangbang you in every hole better
  13. Hahaha,how lame.You know what you are the senseles apprentice? A #$%#ing cocksucking gritty f@ggot and a son of a #%!@. This is what you really are. You are a retarded dumbshit too.
  14. man, i haven't witnessed a proper backfire in a while. this made me feel good.
  15. wtf is this shit?
  16. i feel great now too
  17. hemi for mod
  18. kaori super for admin
  19. get on msn i would like to discuss fountain pens
  20. AntiPimpage for senator
    no wait, #$%# no, no, wait, that's not right

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