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    Get outta way!

  2. listened to that song on the way to work today.
  3. i want that dtm c-klasse

    #$%# YEha!!
  5. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  6. at least animals don'T #$%#ing CRY when you hit them

    /cyclist hater
  7. i won't cry but i will yell at you and make sure to get your insurance info, then call police to get you properly charged.
  8. even when running a red light, failing to stop at the intersection and not signalling?

    SAAQ son, you'll get the money off your own pocket!

  9. did not click but trains vs cows is the funniest shit
  10. CHOOOOO CHOOOOOOOOOOOO moo CHOOOOO CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO mooooooo *thud* mooo *thud* *thud*
  11. lol animals are dumb
  12. speeding, rolling stop signs, illegal u-turns, etc etc eTc is ok in a 6,000lb SUV/car, but if you do it on a bike people will attempt murder you.

    that is #$%#ed up.

    also i obey the law: i signal, stop at stop signs/lights and people still try to run me over because "they don't see me" OR "U shouldent be on the road". well open your god damn eyes and i have every right to be on the road!

    that is #$%#ed up.

    bad attitudes. #$%#ed up.
  13. still cant believe some people think its ok to murder someone to save 10 seconds on their precious commute


    #$%#ed up
  14. if i hit you, its because you were doing something you shouldnt have been doing.
  15. beg to diff

    if you hit a human being and think its ok you need to srsly re-consider your priorities and re-evaluate your life. Bad attitudes.
  16. It's not #$%#ed up, it's because thats what a road is for, not cyclist who swirve around like mosquitos! People are not used to that and that wil take time.

    but... this is a never ending discussion. The reality is, more bike will be on the roads and you guys need to change your attitude, be more vigilant and start to obey the laws! It's about road sharing, not road-monopolizing attitude of the cyclist and thinking they're the center of universe.

    I have been driving for years in Montreal and I have yet to see a cyclist stop at a stop sign, can't beleive people in Ottawa are that much different.
  17. Man holds dominion over all animals. That deer was honored to be hit at 9/10ths.
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  20. psh well i rarely see cars stop so why is this a problem ? cars can swerve in lanes on the highway going 50kph over the limit and it is totally acceptable.

    there is a community of commuting cyclists who obey the rules, just like there are drivers who obey the rules.

    the guy you see with no helmet swerving around with a tin of PBR in his hand, please shake your head at him as I will join you in doing that as well.

    as for the rest of us, give us our space and just chill out/slow down/obey the rules also.

  21. rarely see a car stop? At a stop sign? that's kind of dangerous, you could run a cyclist off <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    It will happen, especially in Montreal with all the transit issues, and we will get to be like Paris or other big European towns, but it will take time for people to adapt.
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