MR VETTE is a liar

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 944turb0, May 27, 2007.

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  2. I contributed.
  3. I'm feeling like e-flaming today. Also, that E36 M3 turbo guy or whatever is a #$%#ing moron. I didn't even notice how #$%#ing stupid he is untill today.
  4. I want to e-flame too, but I will later.
  5. Is he M3ATW ?
  6. No. He used to be around the forums all the time a few years ago. His other account was American Sniper Kills 93. One day there was some gun thread and he jumped on me claiming that I was a poser and I didn't know anything and he was the real deal. I mean totally flipped out on me. So I started mocking him since he was pretending to be a real sniper when in fact he wasn't even in the military. He left and never came back. He went to where they even made a few threads about how I was the reason he left Fast forward 2 years or so and he quietly came back to the forums though largely avoids me
  7. Ahahah. I remember that account.
  8. yeah he's full of shit.
  9. I always knew he was an asshole. From the first day I said "MR. VETTE is an asshole"
  10. I'm sure you think everyone is an asshole though
  11. Sorry, that was a room mate of mine, not me. I've explained that to you time and time again, owned you via PM's and you seemed to have given up on your idiocy, guesse not, huh? We had the same IP because we lived in the same house, why is this hard to wrap your mind around?

    Also, I've never avoided anybody, for the most part we agree on very much, therefore I don't jump into useless attacking, such as yourself.
  12. You're the blithering idiot that refuses to accept a car because "it was never raced". Who gives a flying shit if a car has ever been raced, it wouldn't be the road version anyway, dipshit.
  13. Hahahaha. Such horseshit.
  14. You don't know shit aobut cars and you're a moron/liar. Don't talk to me unless I feel like flaming your dumb ass, which is not right now.
  15. *shrugs* You've yet to add anything to this site concerning cars in your entire wasted time here, you're eithe putting somebody down, putting a car down, or jumping on somebody elses bad wagon. Have any original thoughts, or just hang onto everyone elses apron strings?

    The quoted is your A-typical post.
  16. Blaming it on your roommate is the oldest excuse on the internet besides blaming it on your younger brother
  17. Do you have a random generic rant generator somewhere?
  18. Thought you were in the mood? Decided all you can muster up is an ad hominem or two? I've already shown I know a hell of a lot more than you do, constantly and consistently.
  19. What the #$%# are you talking about? You don't know shit, no one thinks you know shit. You're an idiot and everyone thinks so. Shutup.
  20. Keep them coming, I enjoy this shit, and its been a while since I've had a chance to do it. You've got to do better than that though, will get boring real fast.
  21. Prove it, because I've not seen any conclusive evidence to support your conclusion.
  22. the word vette in the nickname has tragic consequences in this forum
  23. You forget your previous post already? You stated you were in the mood to flame, lets do this.
  24. You enjoy people calling you an idiot?
  25. Heres something: STFU, GTFO

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