Murciélago LP640 vs.SLR McLaren 722

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ajzahn, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. i would pick LP. looks cooler and cheaper and stats are similar. plus i dont like mercades. bad breakdown reputation.
  2. I have to agree with "doesnt sick out like a neon green 15ft wide noise machine". Even the Grey one i see coming past my work stands out miles away, the noise it makes, its pysical appearance makes the SLR seem more subtle. And there has been grey and black SLRs come past the same road too, much quieter and not as obvious.
  3. i love lambos and its cheaper and just as fast except for 200km/h and its lighter
  4. Lambo any day and with that choice I would still have money enough to get Scuderia Spider 16M for cruising at sunny days....
  6. LP640 by far.
  7. German?!?!?

    No the LP 640 is 98% ITALIAN. That is what Lambo claims. Which parts of the car should be German apart from the aircon and some of the buttons?

    The SLR is build in the UK.
  8. Can I have both?
  9. Yes, Lamborghini is known for it's outstanding reputation for build quality and reliability.

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