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  1. I'm probably going to block this #$%#ing idiot, but I figure I'll post some of the ridiculous shit that I've found because of his incessant "liking" and "commenting."

    It's Hemistage, by the way. My feed usually looks something like this:

    CONSERVATIVE LADY -- Georges Zaslavsky commented
    HUMANS AGAINST LIBERALS EVERYWHERE (HALE) -- Georges Zaslavsky commented
    Camwhore with a Heart of Gold posted a photo -- Georges Zaslavsky commented

    However, if you delve further into these pages you find the real treasures:

    Jeffrey DeLong: so now the dumbascraps are killing the wet backs that are trying to get out of AMERICA!!

    Frank A. Rich: Every American must ask themselves-Do you want to live in a democratic republic based on Judeo-Christian values as our founding fathers intended; or do you want to live in some socialistic nation based on muslim values/ sharia law as this administration and its minions intend??? The two are NOT compatible!!

    Todd Hughes: We have a Islamic president who's trying to wage a war against Christians and religious freedom daily. If it's shocking to you then you haven't been paying attention. The founding fathers would have been shooting by now.

    Martha Lee Vincent: If Obama is allowed to stay in office, which we shouldn't allow, soon the entire military will be U.S. taxpayer funded radical islamists, fighting Christianity in the name of the U.S. all over the world.

    RickyNtracy Leukam: He is the biggest joke! A liar! He thinks he is f***ing god and can change this world. Wow....I sometimes swear he is the antichrist. Your black you idiot...thats the only reason you got in! Stop acting like you know whats best for this country when all your really doing is destroying it!

    Brian Costantini: So many people praise Mandela because he went to prison for a long time. I wonder if they would lavish the same praise on Mao Tse Tung? They are both communists.

    Shawn Williamson: Theodore Roosevelt is the driving force behind many of the problems America faces today.
  2. Baffling post requires legend.
  3. Lol what a psycho. In b4 backfire
  4. Why the hell would you block such comedy gold? That shit's hilarious. I'd add him myself if I weren't concerned about him getting creepy and stalking the shit out of my stuff.
  5. take the worst youtube commenters, show them facebook, allow them to create groups
  6. pandabeat is worse
  7. Kinda crazy how the president is still alive after3r 6 years with those kind of people out there
  8. Hey BigRob u dog, sup.
  9. this is great. makes me miss having facebook
  10. facebook is utterly useless in the 22nd century
  11. Hello, are u a new user?
  12. Shut up, Adrian
  13. You have me confused with someone else
  14. haha you just try and explain how you were murdered …
  15. BigRob u twat
  16. Yeaaaa bring back Apartheid

    It's good if less than 9% of the population make the rest live in Soweto. Very sustainable.
  17. apartheid is already back. only its the blacks forcing it upon the whites this time.
  18. Bob Boring: tell us when its ok to start burning and killing liberals and muslems, i'm ready roy.

    Ron Lovelett: I sure hope so,back to the document that made this country the great country it used tp be God that hurts to say that knowing the lyin muslim SOB is inthe white house

    Klayton Richardson: I am young only 16 but from working years on a ranch I have become smarter and stronger then most men but this give me no excuse to kill anyone IV seen the ways of my genoration I usually pull down my hat and say "yer an idiot " but I an just a dumb as they are for IV let it happen with my own kin in the same way we are all responsible for the way our government is so if you wanna do something then do it but if yer just gonna run yer jaw then shut up an stay home I never wanna see a day where the men and women die for freedom secured so long ago but sometimes to get good harvest there must be a fire stop talkin or stop waiting

    James Warren: He is our enemy with in, This is the one way we can be defeated , work a Muslim in, Get him in a party, this being the liberals, then work him to the top, He is trying to divide us, But we are Americans, together we stand, against terrorist !!!

    Jane Davis: He hates America, white people, Freedom,Liberty and all religions! so why are we still tolerating him? He is a TRAITOR to AMERICA! He does not have any right to be here! Imprison the bastard!

    Shirley Harroun: As well they should..Dear Lord, please protect our service people from our uncaring government..Dear Lord, please protect our beautiful America from Hillary Clinton gaining power that she doesnot have the ability or intelligence to do.

    Glen Koch: we got our own little commie muslim half breed. next thing you know we will be doing human sacrafices to alla. WHITE christain sacrafices.

    Palmer Feland: That's because obama is the enemy from within our government. Obama is using the Marxis and socialist as useful idiots to destroy America so he and his Muslim brotherhood can easily take over the United States and make the largest Islamic nation on earth...sounds like a Hollywood movie only this is real life.

    Jason Bernard Blackburn: Obma is the enemy! He's everything we as a country hate! He needs to go he's ripeing this country apart the milatry needs to take executive action NOW AND REMOVE him
  19. I miss Bush. At least the liberals who ripped him apart were educated. This is just sad.
  20. its a bit more nuanced than "black muslim antichrist!!" that is just stuff they have to say to make sure they don't have to answer the tough questions. like how they let the teabaggers hijack the party and were totally impotent to do anything about it.
  21. WHITE christain sacrafices!!!
  22. youd think theyd by happy to be martyred.
  23. I'd be super intrigued about someone telling me how they were murdered.

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