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  1. see fake Republican/neocons are just as bad as phony liberals, we are actually at a greater risk now than ever before because of the wars based on lies, the CIA even has a term for it, its called 'blowback'

    I'd be a fool to think someone like you would think critically about the Fort Hood incident. There are so many holes in the official story. First we were told that he was killed on the scene, now we are told that he is alive in a hospital. Another #$%#ed up thing is he was a graduate of Virginia Tech, the same school that produced another psychopath that killed 32 of his own classmates in 2007. Idiot good ole' boys like you are destroying this country.
  2. and Obama is just as much of a #$%# up as Bush........ all he is doing is continuing the same exact police state that Bush created. Homeland security is getting thousands of more jobs this year because of morons like you saying 'Bush did what he had to do to keep the country safe'
  3. its ironic that you are here.

    At the sound of the bell, the time will be 6:53 PM on Sunday, November 8th, 2009.
  4. Sorry guys, we got tired of woot at SBN so he brought his shitty posting back over here
  5. ITS 5:04 MORON
  6. It's all I watch, because I'm the man.
  7. Excuse me, it's after October so please get the #$%# out of here.
  8. This is how wars gets started.
  9. I'd hit it (although she would probably hit me first)
  10. Is this that broad that #$%#s all those mormon chicks up in that soccer game?
  11. she #$%#ed up all those New Mexicans!
  12. I want to marry her.
  14. id like to share my life with the kind of person who shares my love of beating on women
  15. lol at receiving the ball to the face after the tackle.
  16. You can't tell me you don't think she's crazy at sex.
  17. i think shed rape me
    or id let her think shes raping me
  18. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll stick with my Strong Christian Woman because she writes me sweet e-mails like this...

    "If you're feeling worried about school next week, remember that you are smart and capable, and that I am praying for you to be successful this quarter (and in general too, of course). I can't give you the brains that will make you brilliant, but God can, and I have faith that he will get us through all this. I'm not quite sure how, and I'm still a little nervous at times, but I know it will work out for good. And no matter what, remember that you're loved. Most of all by God, but I'm in there too as a distant second."
  19. wish i could walk a mile in lukes shoes that's for sure. just a mile though.
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    How long do you reckon she can keep up the facade of living a "Christian lifestyle"? Three years was the max for my Strong Christian Woman co-worker, as you may remember here:

    Now her true side has been revealed, she smoked pot in the past and has a life goal of going back home to South America, laying naked on the beach, smoking a big fat one. She has also admitted to have sex outside of marriage recently.
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    I think I may have had an influence on that.

    The guy she was engaged to, was a complete dickface, another "Strong Christian", within five years he probably would of started beating her. He was obsessive and very possessive of her, had to know where she was every second, didn't want her going out with any of her friends, unless he was there. Until I came along, she was going through with the marriage, she kept citing, "God has a reason for us to get married, if we weren't meant to be, then God would not have put us both together,". I helped her to voice her concerns, bring her fears out of her head and put everything into perspective. I gave her the courage, that God could not, to face him and tell him it was over. You could turn around and say God sent me into her life, but I also introduced her to other things that God frowns upon, so how about that?
  22. You satanic heathen.
  23. ooooh buuuuuurn! #$%#!

    haha #$%# that was awesome.
  24. Like premarital sex with multiple partners?
  25. Somehow his posts are always overlooked.

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