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  1. I'm building a 1987 MR2 as a street-legal race car. Its pretty rough looking at the moment but here are some pics.
  2. Your sig is too long and your car still looks like crap, keep us updated though.
  3. Jesus, that car's a heap of junk.
  4. I have a suggestion. Fix the bodywork before you go crazy with the mods.
  5. Yeah, a heap of junk that pulls mid 14s... Thats OK, the 5.0 Rustang GT owners don't like it either.
  6. haha. + about 2 seconds or so.
  7. I never said I didn't like it, but I'm calling BS on your claims. Given the state of the interior and the engine compartment, I really don't think "Rustang" jokes are an appropriate move for you.
  8. Nah, I hate it when a car looks and sounds bad-ass and goes slow. I've got a set of Crower 3/4 race cams on the way. To be followed by a F1 style flat bottom/ rear diffuser, custom intake manifold, 7A (1.8L) bottom end, UR pulley, header, light clutch and flywheel. Then I'll mount an APR GT-II aluminum wing. Then I'll re-finish the body.
  9. Cool beans. Is it a supercharged one or the normal one? What sorts of mods are you planning for it? Will it be a drag racer kind of thing, or track car?

    I want an MK1 MR2 really bad.
  10. It's a shame what you've done to the hood.
  11. The mods I've just posted, I've built the engine to 10.75:1 CR vs the stock 9.4 and I've smoothed and de-burred the intake manifold and in/ex ports. I don't know the exact power, no dyno run, and no dyno run planned. The car really does pull mid 14s though, I made a run over the week-end. I'll dig-up the slip in a minute.
  12. I said a ten second car, not a ten minute car.
  13. On those shitty tires, with that decidedly tired-looking engine? No.
  14. What a piece of junk.
  15. Sorry about the wait, camera troubles. Here's the time slip...BOOM. BTW: its really dusty here. A bran new engine with 5 miles on it looks about like that. Peace <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  16. Seriously, edit your signature. And you should just go MK1.5 and rattle can it flat black or something.
  17. I agree that a 1.5 would be bad ass but I'm pushing myself as an engine tuner. Once I'm done with the NA rought I'll start saving for the 3SGTE conversion which I estimate would put me in 12-13 sec based on the weight and present performance of my car. After that I'll sell the NA engine. As far as paint goes I'll throw a "Mako Special" on it, but its going to be fast first. I'm pretty sure I can get it into 13s naturally aspirated and on pump gas. The project will progress over the next year or so. Stay tuned...
  18. LS1 engine swap
  20. I can get just as much power from a 2.0L 3S-GTE as I can from an LS-1. Toyota with a GM engine c'mon? GMs are crap, thats why they started using Toyota engines in their cars. I do have an LS-1 engine in my Chrystler sail boat, it makes a great anchor! LOL
  21. Shutup dipshit.

  22. If the LS1>me is true, why doesn't it hook a chain around me and throw me off its boat? LOL! No truthfully: LOL I can't stop!
  23. Shorten your signature or get ready to be banned.

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