my new car: Artega GT

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. not yet, still don�t know whether I have a choice or not, will receive all the details latest by the end of next week
  2. ah, cool.

    If you can choose dont get something horribly boring for such an exciting car. I know you germans like your boring silver, but spice it up :p
  3. if I had a choice, I�d go for white with red or black with tan interior
  4. +1

    im not huge on tan interiors, but it is a classic combo.
  5. That's awesome. Congtars!

    But don't tell them that you put scans of their magazine on the internet.
  6. well if I look closely, the - is pulling, and + is pushing.. And that's not what I mean, racecars have inverted gears

    edit: you know what I mean
  7. OK, it�s a 6-speed double-clutch semi-automatic also with paddle shifters at the steering wheel
  9. Glückwunsch! take white/red
  10. YES
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  12. from the FAQ:

    When will the first Artega GT be delivered to a customer?

    Due to the establishment of the international dealer network, we decided to first supply the dealers with the necessary initial equipment. After the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, we will be carefully getting the series production into top gear, so the first customer deliveries can be expected in March. (so, mine too!?)

    Has the Intro 2008 special edition really sold out already?

    All 99 versions of the introductory edition have been fully reserved by our dealers. It may be the case that one or two of the dealers still have an Intro 2008 in stock. Details of our dealers can be found on the webpage.

    Is there already a type approval for the Artega GT?

    Our homologation has always been aligned with the new EU directive for small production series, which will come into force on 29th April 2009. It looks like we will be the first manufacturer of a small production series in Europe that receives type approval pursuant to this norm. Until that point in time, there is an individual operation approval in place, which results in no issues for customers.

    How do you explain the delays that have arisen in the customer deliveries?

    There are several reasons, the first of which is the changed sequence of events, as we have now decided to first provide dealers with initial equipment. The considerable media interest and the resulting expectations have also encouraged us to extend the comprehensive testing programme again and to initiate series production cautiously. In addition, new standards were introduced on 1st January 2009, which brought with them a number of new developments and therefore a requirement for new tools. And furthermore, certain suppliers could not deliver as quickly as we might have hoped. However, we don't see the delays as being a great problem, as most customers have actually said they would prefer their Artega GTs to be delivered in spring anyway.

    What changes have been made to the series version in comparison to the prototype?

    The headlights and wing mirrors have been slightly modified for the series version, in accordance with new standards introduced on 1st January 2009. Incidentally, the wing mirror modification is already included on the Artega GT model car.
  13. can't wait to see some pictures <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> Hope you get to choose your colours!
  14. seriously. Silver cars should be illegal.
  15. dude, #$%# the shitty California.
    In fact, do us a favor and blow the doors off a few and take pics.
  16. silver isn´t that bad:
  17. red was the color of my first cars, VW Beetle 1302 nad Golf GTI, but that about 30 years ago later I had a red Toyota Corolla and Toyoat Camry V6 i traded in for a dark green Lexus LS 400

    not so keen about red cars anymore, maybe Ferraris, but not the Artega
  18. just went too the local Artega dealer, which also is a Volkswagen dealer at Aachen (close to the Belgium/Dutch border and just 30 kms away from home), to finf out whether they have one in stock or showroom

    at their backyard they had a red one, 1st ever I saw IRL. Looks very interesting and leaves pretty much different impressions depending on the angle to look at. From the front and from the side it looks a bit small compared to the Porsche Cayman, more the size of the Audi TT. But it, and also it?s wheelbase, is longer than a Lotus Elise, pretty much the same size as the Lotus Europa, the Porsche Cayman and the Lotus Europa are the ones it is competing to.

    but when you turn around the rear, the picture changes completely as suddenly it turns out much wider and als much more aggressive, a real super sports car from that angle, very impressive, the way a sports car should be.

    I?m not quite sure if it was fitted with the serial tires or the optional wider rear tites. The red brake covers also were not standard, series is black.

    will have to make up my mind on some details like the black air intakes, wouldn?t be chrome a nice option? also the underfloor plate at the rear looks it is supposed to be a diffusor but din?t became a real one.

    the black interiror looked well refined and also comfortable.

    I?m still not so keen about the red one, if there?s a choice I might go for a different colour combo.

    can?t wait to pick mine up, looks like a very promising ride.
  19. whne are you getting it man?
  20. Man, that is so awesome. Congrats!
  21. will know latest by the end of next week
  22. wow ajzahn at the ring thread I thought you were just renting it.

  23. Did you get to test drive it?
  24. no

    but I´m glad not, didn´t want to spoil my very first impression when I turn the key of mine
  25. some more thoughts about the proportions and lines which are very attractive and female, even sexual attractive to men

    whe it comes across you 1st may not recognize what it is, OK it�s different from a Porsche, Audi and Lotus but not like a Ferrari, Maserati.

    the side line is the one of a nice little GT, like the Opel GT in the late seventies or the Ferrari California or Alfa Romeo 8c nowadays, it is definately not as boring as an Aston Martin, good to see that these female/sexual lines are back, some kind of retropestive I really like

    but hwen it got past you, the rear is pretty much impressiev and also aggresive looking, a head turner at it�s best. Here you see the diferent to other little sport coupes like the Posche Cayman, Audi TT, Lotis Elise

    it looks much more powerful like the rear of a Ferrari 355 or 360

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