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  1. Short, but still. We were in Windsor but visited London on Tuesday.

    UK people are surprisingly friendly and respectful with tourists, hell to me its the total opposite of Paris. People, even young adults, are very polite even though we ask you to repeat often (the accent is sometimes wayyy too strong). Windsor's pubs are very cool.

    Tubes system is as defective as Montreal's, so I'm reassured here.

    Food, unless high-end restaurant, its kinda always greasy ? Beer is also not cold enough but I guess its not that bad.

    Worst cellphone coverage ever, seriously its shit (O2). Get some technology plz.

    The Queen did not invite us to the Giorgio Armani party she was hosting.

    Will definitively go back.
  2. and no did not have time to racecars, because colleagues don't care and I wanted to relax a little bit and see stuff.
  3. I'm on O2, this indeed a bit crap( cheapest though)
  4. I've been to the UK a couple of times and did not encounter the beer issue, in my experience they like it just as cold. As far as the tubes, people are ruder/more aggressive on there than in NYC, and the fact that they don't run all night is pretty ridiculous, not a fan of the zone system either, but at least the trains all seemed to run on time and were clean.
  5. English beer serve beer as piss. Lukewarm without any head
  6. I also had trouble understanding the accent.
  7. You had trouble understanding English?

    Anyway, who the hell calls the London tube crap? It is amazing. Best in the world. Only problem is it doesn't run after midnight.
  8. the whole system is enormous, like 10 fold what we have here. We were just very unlucky to get stuck at the station for 30min or so. we took a cab to Paddington in the end
  9. In zone one the trains run every 30 seconds during peak hour and every couple of minutes off peak. Unmatched anywhere else.
  10. You never went to a city with a better tube system than London's? That's kind of interesting.
  11. I prefered Swansea, Cardiff and Aberdeen. The food is disgusting and expensive in London. English people are very arrogant andwith a high nose in the air attitude.
  12. Yeah, you'd hate to be surrounded by arrogant bigots.
  13. No, it is second to none. Only thing they could do to improve it would be to run it 24hrs. But London doesn't run 24hrs so its not really a problem.
  14. I went to London numerous times and none of these times there hasn't been an essential part of the line under construction. Maybe it's different now, I don't know. The metro stations themselves look depressing and that #$%#ing "mind the gap" is something I find almost belittling. As if I'm too stupid to decide where I have to look when boarding. For a West-European country it's not bad, its tube system, but it doesn't have shit on the logical and organised metro plan, system and price of Moscow's, which also has its final train at 1 AM or so, but that's alright. They fix their shit during the night and the only time I've seen a station being closed (not even the whole line) was after the bomb attacks there.
  15. The one of Kiev is pretty cheap/convenient as well, thinking of it, though I didn't use it often. Much smaller city than London/Moscow, though.
  16. The hate between me and the English is mutual. I don't have this problem with the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish.
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    Drano in the UK:

  18. That's because it's served from a cask/firkin. If done right, and not TOO warm, it's very good. Often it's not done right and, for the most part, English beer isn't the best to begin with.
  19. I had trouble understanding some of the accent as well. I like the way people in London talk but when someone from Liverpool starts talking then I am just lost or cockney even. Obviously not cockney slang.

    Back on topic, I lived in the UK from 2009 until 2011. I got a long with everyone well but I do visit London once a year so I got used to it. But while I was there I decided to ship a car there. The only thing that ever really bugged me was people looking at the challenger I was driving and shouting "oh yeah! Mustang Sally"..... No comment at all

    Found this pic online which is pretty ironic cause I hate fish lol. The challenger is just an average car but in the UK it was getting attention from those annoying car spotters that get on the road infront of the car.

    Second pic was taken somewhere in Knightsbridge. I was too lazy to shave that day
  20. Guess I can only post a pic per reply. Good times.
  21. Yeah Im pretty sure the English don't give a shit about you.
  22. I had no idea you are a rich Arab.
  23. I wouldn't call him rich, he's only got a mustang
    He defs is a dirty arab though
  24. you'd be right in your assumption
  25. yeah O2 is shit for coverage but cheap.

    in my experience EE is the best for coverage, as it used to be two companies that merged (Orange and Tmobile).

    Glad you enjoyed your brief stay!

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