new chinese fighter jet

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  1. For one thing China is selling their wepons to dangerous countries.
  2. "throwing huge waves of them at our fewer but much more advanced fighters without regard to losses."

    The US has technically superior aircraft, tanks, etc (and) way more of them.

    I do agree that China needs to be watched closely though. Unfortunately we're not only allowing them to do anything they want, our government is borrowing money from them!

    I think we're pretty much in a one sided cold war with China. And it's a cold war nobody ever talks about. China has been rushing to catch up to the United States. The good news is they're taking baby steps and they're way behind. It recently made the news that, after 3 failed attempts, China has finally been able to shoot a low altitude weather satellite out of the sky. Obviously that is a tactic against the US, since we rely on GPS far more than any other country. Incidentally, the US has been able to shoot down satellites since 1985.
  3. My point is that China is the dangerous country. Other nations can be an annoyance for sure, but none pose a legitimate threat to the United States.
  4. Roger that. I just consulted my 2007 Aviation week sourcebook and we certainly do have more fighters than China. The only thing I would caution against is the difficulty of getting them into theatre into the numbers we need. China would simply have to keep their aircraft where they are whereas we would have to transport a large number of our inventory half-way around the world. Not to mention we cannot commit all of our aircraft to China should a conflict arise because our National Security Policy maintains that we need to have the ability to fight two large-scale conventional wars in two separate locations.
  5. You're right that power projection is a major consideration. Fortunately in that catagory we are head and shoulders above anybody in the world. There's not even a close second. Basically any conventional war we fight will be on someone else's turf, while the rest of America stays safe at home.

    We can always draft more bodies, and the major military assets that would come into play are not needed on a large scale in Iraq, ie. fighter jets, our Navy, tanks, etc.
  6. Well maybe the U.S. should stop trading w/ China? China would be retarded to bite the hand that feeds them.
  7. Its not that easy. If the US suddenly began pursuing a strategy to isolate China, it would go against everything we stand for, i.e., free trade, spread of democracy, human rights...

    The problem is that three of the six primary goals of our National Security Strategy are highly contradictory.
  8. I agree that PRC is way behind technologically now, but in 20 years time it might be a different story. China seem hell bent on catching up to the US, and they seem to be able to fund their aspirations. While the US is borrowing money off them...
  9. No argument there. However, whereas China would be able to utilize all of the aircraft in their inventory, our national security policy affirms that will will maintain the ability to fight two separate major theatre wars, in addition to defending the airspace of the United States. While I'm aware that the rules change when shots are fired, that places a severe strain on our ability to obtain numerical superiority.

    What worries me more, is I continue reading about how both the F-22 and F-35 numbers continue getting cut when they weren't even going to replace the legacy fighters on a one-for-one basis in the beginning. Although these aircraft are certainly much more capable, one aircraft cannot be in two places at once.

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