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Discussion in 'European Cars' started by nick11, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. woop-dee-freakin-doo
  2. Of course the F430 will be replaced in a few months/years, but I wasn't expecting it this soon. It's still competitive, fresh, and beautiful. It's aging very well. The Scud is certainly one of the best cars in recent history for Ferrari.
  3. Millechilli please

    That actually looks really promising.
  5. I doubt it will come out until the economy recovers

    Ferraris sales are 50% off now
  6. This maybe?
  7. no dolinc , it's a photoshop
  8. Every second F430 seems to be a spider. If that wasn't profitable, then neither would the hard top. It's the perfect car for people who have just run into money and want to show it off.
  9. I have high hopes for Enzo's replacement.
  10. yea, but now theres the California to consider. Selling the F430 spider will be stealing some of the Cali's sales. Of course it would be generating greater sales overall, depending on the cost of the spider's development it might not be profitable. I have no idea how expensive it is to develop a coupe into a spider though. If it wasnt relatively expensive, then there would certainly be no reason they wouldnt make a spider.
  11. Ofcourse there will be a spider. That is more certain than the car will have a prancing horse on it. Which is pretty realistic.
  12. Heard there may be a chance it'll rev to 10000rpm
  13. Unlikely, but that would sound GOD LIKE!
  14. thats not a ps pic that a F430 that a rich aisen business man had redesigned for him its apart of ferrais coach built program wher u get a design mad up on the specs of a 430,612 or even an enzo and they build it for you if you have the money
  15. just found some pics
  16. That actually looks pretty sick! The grille could be a little less complex, but all in all, that does look pretty cool. Although that looks more like a hypercar Enzo replacement than a 430 replacement.
  17. ya i know when i saw these pics a while back i was like OMG i want them to come out with that as a limited production cuz its so freaking nice looking, then i found out that it was a coach built custom. ya agreed that it does look more like a hypercar then a replacement for the 430. lucky bastered who owns it
  18. Oh god that desing'll need a ton of tweaking.
  19. wake me up when they re-release the 360
  20. Isn't that a custom one off Ferrari?
  21. ya if you read my post before thats what i was saying
  22. Think its an F40 man ...Nick is just talking shit about asians cause of the squinted headlights
  25. no ferrari already said they where never going to build an SUV

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