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  1. kinda useless until you can run games off the hard drive or get the files onto your computer.
  2. Because no one has a PS3 to care. Still that and the fact that the hard drive is upgradeable is just screaming for awesome, really the best news about the PS3 in months.
  3. wait, so they can't actually play the game off the harddrive? why not?
  4. plus, its Linux. all the hax0rz use Linux, you'll find homebrew programs like Daemon tools for the PS3 in no time, to run all those games copied to harddrive. sony has to work hard to crush homebrew crackers, especially now that it has given them an OS they know to work with, as well as unlimited harddrive space.
  5. it's only been out for 3 weeks, i'm sure it won't be much longer
  6. I hope for Sony's sake it isn't this easy to bootleg games! Else it's headed the way of the Dreamcast...
  7. it had the best graphics but was super easy to pirate
  8. ive been playing counterstrike since beta 6 and i still suck balls at it
  9. ya it'll probably take a lot of practice for me to get good at joystick aiming
  10. everything that's wrong with shooters today, in a jpeg
  11. Shooting Nazis is guilt-free.
  12. how long til game consoles are VR interfaces?
  13. haha the truth. i get pissed off every time i hear about a new ww2 fps. talk about lack of innovation
  14. ya i don't see why everyone loves WW2 shooters so much, i generally dislike WW2 games. Company of Heroes being the exception, but I don't like it because its WW2, I like it because of the gameplay and physics.
  15. for real, i mean a game here or there based on ww2 is fine. hell maybe even a series of fps games based on ww2 is fine, but come on there are like 5-6 series of fps games based on ww2, its #$%#ing ridiculous.
  16. its because people buy them, so companies make them
  17. nintendo tried VR once, I'm going to bet they'll do it again.
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    whoa, so here i was thinking FNR3 looked better on the PS3 because mc777 said so and a few people said the muscles looked better, but then i see this and realize what they did. they made the fighters have better muscle definition and turned off HDR and reduced the crowd detail.

    there is that new first person fighting perspective they added so ps3 buyers wouldn't feel ripped off getting charged full price for a 10 month old game
  19. btw FNR3 comparison mattered because i am probably buying it, and was wondering if i should hold out for round 4 which should come out at the same time for both consoles. if the ps3 really did have better graphics i was going to wait til round 4 figuring the graphical gap would be closed by then (not getting twice as much time to work on the ps3 version).
  20. PS3's FNR3 looks much better to me
  21. if you look at the picture, the white guy especially, he looks super ripped and his veins are bulging out body builder style, but by the lighting you can clearly see no HDR and the crowd is thinner and a bit less detailed.
  22. actually i wonder why the PS3 fight night round 3 doesn't have HDR on. maybe whatshisname is right about it not being able to do true HDR + FSAA at the same time because of the g70 gpu? or maybe they need to program Cell to do HDR to make up for the gpu but they haven't figured it out yet?
  23. If the PS3 ports look this good already I can only imagine the insane graphics/physics/AI we'll see once the developers get the hang of Cell and RSX.
  24. remember these are xbox 360 ports, when the 360 was released there wasnt a next gen system to port from, hense the lower quality PS2/Xbox1 ports.
  25. As long as a game in fun to play, who cares about grass textures and lighting effects?

    I often think some of us enjoy arguing about videogames more than we like playing them. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

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