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  1. Nope, the trial version I downloaded was free (though I did pay $2.99 for Lemmings).
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    Just as I thought, the current games are not even close to pushing the PS3 and they still look good.
  3. the same can be said for the 360 and the wii
  4. thats funny because about 10 other developers have said the systems are pretty much dead even.

    edit: that very interview says pretty much the same thing.

    about the only thing the cell would be really useful for would be insane amounts of polygons, or lots of physics, the problem is that these 2 things would put a hell of a lot of stress on the GPU and its bandwidth, the GPU while still decent has half the bandwidth of video cards that shipped for the PC over 2 years ago. ultimatly the cell will be limited by the RSX, sort of like the emotion engine was limited by the graphics hardware in the ps2. did you know that the emotion engine was SIX times as powerful and had likely just as many times the memory bandwidth as the celeron in the orginal xbox? A game system like this can only be as powerful as its weakest link. the hardware in the xbox360 was designed from the ground up to work in harmony. the ps3 on the other hand was thrown together with hardware not specifically designed for the task.
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  6. Top Sellers for November (Hardware and Software):

    Console Sales (units)

    * DS: 918k
    * PS2: 664k
    * Game Boy Advance: 661k
    * Xbox 360: 511k
    * Wii: 476k
    * PSP: 412k
    * PS3: 197k

    Software Sales (units and sales grossed)

    * Gears of War: 1 million -- $61.5 million
    * Final Fantasy XII: 896k -- $49 million
    * The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: 412k -- $20.2 million
    * Guitar Hero II: 356k -- $20.2 million

    I'm suprised that the Xbox360 beat the Wii and that the PS2 was the best selling home console! Also that a PS2 game wasn't far behind Gears of War.
  7. "Mom, GIMME A PS3!"

    (1 hour later)

    "Here you, they said its the same thing at the store..."
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    gears wont let me get the "i cant quit you dom" achievement. its the only one i need other than the 10,000 ranked kills one.
  9. lol, that has been a running joke with one of my firends from ketchikan, every now and then when either he or i are entertaining the other with stroll up and drop the "i cant quit you" bomb. then just walk away.

    also what do you need for the i cant quit you dom achievment?
  10. not so much the Wii, they'd probably nearly reached the limit with the GameCube, and as the Wii is just a GameCube with a new look...
  11. and twice the clockspeeds
  12. no
  13. Go back to ogling cars.
  14. Id say the Wii's graphical potential is high end XBOX quality.
  15. the original gamecube was within striking distance of the xbox.
  16. so impressive...

    (here comes the 'it's about the gameplay, not the graphics' comment wave)
  17. no one was expecting the wii to have good graphics, and quite frankly no one i can think of that wants/owns one cares.

    also the gameboy has outsold every single game console ever for a long time, even with shitty graphics. the wii isnt like the ps3 in that half of its success hinges on the fact that morons like you cant wrap your skull around the fact that it wont ever look any better than xbox360
  18. I'm confident that the PS2 is going to continue to sell well until 2010, unlike the original Xbox and GameCube. Sony will probably end up shifting close to 120 million units when all is said and done.
  19. you're a dumbass. theres wont be any need to buy a ps2 past the year 2008 when ps3's are reasonably priced. i know you're a raging fanboy, but at least think logically before you go on your sony cocksucking raves.
  20. The PS1 continued to sell well long after the PS2 came out, and the PS2 fanbase is now larger than the PS1 fanbase ever was, so I have full confidence that history will repeat itself.
  21. you also have full confidence in jesus christ.
  22. true, Ps2 consoles are breaking pretty fast. People replace those things two or three times so 120 million isnt that unobtainable. Nintendo is plagued with hardware that never breaks, so people dont have to buy another one.
  23. I can get it round my head, because I've finally decided that I am fed up with Sony, and I will probably get a 360

    and this really annoys me
  24. Thank God!!

    Tahoeman has finally been banned!

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  25. definitely buy the 360. It leaves you open to more options and opportunities. The online system is simply unparalleled (and Sonys delusional if it htinks it can compare)

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