New roadster

Discussion in '2007 Sun-Red SR21' started by imprezawrx14, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. ...with the classic look. Well, it is better than the PT cruiser.<!-- Signature -->
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    Well, Ilike it, it's not so floded like the new SL. You can say that this (and all the other Lotus 7 replicas) are mine type of cars.<!-- Signature -->
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    New roadster in the shape of a caterham.
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    I think it looks like a grasshopper but still is nice to see a true to the bone roadster
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    it looks alright<!-- Signature -->
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    Bah it not bad but not pretty nice, just good looking
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    it looks good, the old classic lotus look! but its not better than the caterham fireblade
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    The body screams Super Seven.<!-- Signature -->
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    yes wayy better than the PT cruiser<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah, PT cruise blows compared to this.<!-- Signature -->
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    its cool<!-- Signature -->

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    All these replicas are sweet lookin', but Caterham is a must-get..the original design..
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    Of course it looks better! The PT looks horrible, but nice. (eh?)

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