Nice Looking and Quite Fast

Discussion in '2007 Gumpert Apollo Sport' started by TheRedWasp, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Sub 3 seconds to 60, Top Speed over 220 mph, and an original, very nice design.
  2. bugatti makes a car that is allovewr this car
  3. bugatti cars doesnt look as good though, and i like these better, bugatti makes so heavy cars nowdays! i prefer light-weight cars! like this or the bugatti eb110 or what it is called, but ive heard that it has a lot of turbolag, must be because of the small v12 and the very large turbos in it!
  4. i love the look of this car...pretty damn fast for a v8 too
  5. but a v12 is the optimal engine in my opinion... no vibration and as big it can get without the heat being a problem...

    but you have a good point!
  6. I think it's cool that this car uses a Audi V8 derived from the RS6 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>.
  7. "You buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody." - That's right man.
    But the apollo is as good as a ferrari or a lamborghini.
    But actually I would prefer the lambo.
  8. you buy a lambo when you want to go fast. you buy a ferrari when you want to go faster.
  9. yes, a smart person on this site at last!
  10. To be honest, I've always found the Gumpert Apollos quite awful-looking. This is no exception. Same atrocious air intakes and outlets. Very kit-car looking. The performance demands respect, but the styling is horrible.
  11. i think that it is quite reverse, ferarri is lighter, yes, and the enzo and fxx is very fast, yes. but all the other ferarris is slower than lambos, and there is a lot of ferarris... there might be some ferraris that is very fast too, but i like lambos better. maybe why im having this argument with you, haha...
  12. Hate the #$%#ing doors but I could live with it.
  13. C: It doesnt have a back window.!!!!!!!!!!
  14. tha car looks messd. hes rite u buy a ferrari when u wanna go faster a lambo looks cool its gt nuthin else a ferrari has everything
  15. i agree. There is something really lacking in the looks department here.
  16. I really want one.
  17. Quite fast. Not nice looking.
  18. How can you possibly say that one make is faster that another. Its like saying a Ford is faster than a Honda. A Lamborghini LP640 can beat a Ferrari 599 just like a Enzo can beat a Gallardo. No comparison here, although I'm a Ferrari guy.
  19. This car is a POS. The interior is half-ass and hobbled together with random plastic bits everwhere and the body looks like it wouldn't be able to stand to 220+ topspeed. The XJ220 that is sitting next to it in one of the pictures is a beautiful car. This thing is a bunch of random Audi parts thrown together under a body that looks like it was made from LEGOs by a 5 year-old.
  20. 7:11.57 around the rink.... New record
  21. So, you mean to tell me that you would've made a BETTER vehicle than...say the designers, engineers and developers did???

    ...and that's WHY they hired ppl who WEREN'T laking imgination and forward thinking in producing such a well balanced machine, just as this!
  22. yeah but a rear view camera screen is standard

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