Nissan Murano GT-C

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    Nissan's engineers have turned the Murano into a Grand Tourer

    Is it possible to turn an SUV into a luxurious sports car? Well, Nissan thinks so, and this is what it has come up with. The Murano Grand Tourer-Concept, or GT-C, was dev­eloped by engineers at the firm’s Euro­pean Technical Centre in Cranfield, Beds.

    Ultimately, this model is a step too far for Nissan’s experts
    This is the team responsible for the supercharged 350Z GT-S we drove in Issue 924 – but is the one-off Murano as successful as the cool coupé?

    From the outside, the GT-C is certainly different! Its sleek lines get a menacing black paintjob, while the door mirrors, grille, roof bars and door handles feature a smart deep bronze finish. There’s also a swoopy rear spoiler, plus huge 22-inch alloys clad in liquorice-thin rubber.

    Inside, the hand-stitched two-tone leather interior sets the concept apart from ordinary cars. Expensive materials trim the door pillars and rooflining, while the CVT box’s shifter – as well as the storage tray – is made of hand-blown glass from the Italian island of Murano.

    However, the changes aren’t only cosmetic. The V6 engine has gained a turbo and is linked to a raspy exhaust with four tailpipes, taking power from 232bhp to 335bhp. The 0-60mph dash now takes around seven seconds – two seconds faster than the standard car.

    Stiffer suspension is added to match the pace – this lowers the Mur­ano’s ride height by 35mm – while uprated AP Racing brakes are visible between the spokes of those enormous alloys.

    So are the alterations a success? At idle, the 3.5-litre V6 sounds the part, and there’s no arguing with the performance. But the CVT auto blunts the res­ponses, and the exhaust is too noisy for a ‘Grand Tourer’. The huge alloys ensure you feel every bump, and there’s too much body roll. The standard car returns 23mpg, but the extra 100bhp means you can watch the needle on the fuel gauge drop.

    Ultimately, this model is a step too far for Nissan’s experts. Elements of the GT-C could make it to the options list, but while the special 350Z struck gold, the Murano is much less convincing. (AutoExpress)
  2. first off i have to say that i hate go fast SUVs.

    But somehow this one looks awesome!
  3. quite appealing, surprisingly
  4. I agree, it looks rather good. The wheels are a little too bling but still acceptable
  5. The wheels ruin it IMO
  6. least it's not a Nismo version.

    However...for the rest of the line, Nissan really does need to bring out the Nismo series to compete with M and AMG
  7. I like the Murano.
  8. I like it, but I would change those rims.
  9. exact same sentiments.
  10. What a weird idea. Especially a performance built car with a CVT. It looks pretty good, but sounds like the performance isn't that great. I'm guessing it'll be a flop.
  11. Nissan styling is really fantastic!
  12. Unless you're talking about NISMO Infiniti's that isn't going to work, and giving an Infiniti a NISMO badge/sticker/whatever would be bunk too. Actual Nissan cars are no where near being able to compete. Not enough luxury to them, FWD, and not as much image. But they could certainly be cool for what they are, but they couldn't be real competition to the Euro cars with their current lineup even if given proper NISMO treatment.
  13. They look like Cayenne wheels.
  15. Kind of cool.

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