Nissan Skyline R34, fake turbo or not?

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Elite77, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. The Skyline is known for its twin-turbo power and popularity. But, when you walk by a Skyline, it just doesn't sound like it has turbo.
  2. Its all lies. No japanese car actually has a turbocharger.
  3. It's a conspiracy.
  4. cant say i have walked by one here in the real country (Usa)
  5. That's because the Skyline doesn't have a turbo charger. It's poweredby the RB60. It's a 6 liter v-12.
  6. ^your moms a 6 litre v-12
  7. stupidest thread ever
  8. Well thats because Walperstyle showed up.
  9. Japanese cars don't actually exist, it's just a ploy to market street racing video games.
  10. Of course it has turbo, and it does sound like it has turbos man. cmon now
  11. this is now officially the funniest thread ever posted in this forum by a noob...
  12. Why does it have 3 GT-R badges...
  13. It gives it 3 times the power.
  14. That's a pretty hilarious picture.

    And how would you know if you're just walking by it? Jesus.
  15. .......because, dude, these are the fakenest looking turbos I've ever seen! [sarc]

    Sorry about the pic quality....its 10:50PM in Cali...and the artificial ambient light in my garage sucks...
  16. So yeah there really is no car at japan. all the japanese people do is buy a good bike then put a card board like thingy shapped like a car over them when they go out and make engine nosies. So yes the japanese have fooled us all
  17. Are those dual HKS sport turbos or are they something a little more extreme?
  18. I bet you there T25s
  19. GT2540's....

    Max power around 700PS....

    I'm only using them for around 500PS.....I was thinking of going for the GT-RS when I get back to Japan which are smaller...but more efficient lower in the RPM range....
  20. When Italy stole all of Japan's passion, they also stole forced induction.
  21. Why not just run two T-51KAIs and throw enough boost into your engine to launch a nuclear warhead into geosynchronous orbit? Oh, right...
  22. You just gave me a strizoke in my brizain, now I don't move all good.
  23. damnit i thought you where running T25s.

    oh well.

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