Nokian Lumia 900

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  1. such a great phone! design is lick, better than iphone but the OS sucks! Well everything is smooth and integrated but still not refined enough.

    I'd buy one if I cared about my e-image enough
  2. A huge aspect of the phone (the OS) sucks, and it's somehow better than the iPhone, which is an OS that doesn't suck.

    yeah, good one.
  3. I like its looks and its all that matters to me since I'm a hipster
  4. i have a nokia N9 and its good in some aspects but also not good in some aspects and in some aspects its better than an iphone but not in some other aspects
  5. my feelings exactly
  6. yeah Windows mobile is garbo
  7. my N9 has MeeGo
    its a pretty good OS but it doesnt get made anymore
    aparently nerds like programming shit for it cause its like linux or something but i dunno it doesnt have many apps
  8. You can probably run Android on it too
  9. How does this differ from 800, apart the camera?
  10. how
    i want to do this
  11. One advantage is that its currently free in Canada.

    "Canadians who buy the $100 Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone between now and April 21 will get a $100 credit on their Rogers Wireless bill"
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  13. I'm still waiting for Australia to built a mobile network that covers more than just the CBD's of the major cities before I buy my first mobile phone.
  14. shouldve stayed in nederland.
  15. lol you don't even own a mobile phone? what is this the 90s?
  16. lol i have an iphone so no reason to be insecure.
  17. Want an Iphone, but not yet. It seems like its more of a toy then a tool.

    (...just say it)
  18. I just RMA'ed my Bold 9900, screen has dead pixels (full horizontal lines)

  19. You do understand what the concept of "free", yes?
  20. You do understand who you're talking to here?
  21. I like to think of my iphone as an 'anti-boredom device'
  22. Pretty sure he was in some movie with turtles?
  23. Absolute
  24. with exchange integration and blazzing fast 4G speeds my iphone is more like a mobile computer. i can respond to emails and book appointments / set reminders super easy.

    also its a sweet ass iTunes player and supports kewl apps like "Draw Something".

    so yeah its good for everything.
  25. typical consumerist corporate fact cat


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