****, noone told me watermelon wasn't LOW-Calorie

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by op, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Should have read the nutritional info before eating like two pounds of it.

    guess i gotta puke now
  2. no you dont
  3. too fat to eat watermelon?
  4. shoulda got diet watermelon
  5. What areyou black or something
  6. lol i was kidding, but seriously i'm kind of shocked that 100g of watermelon = ~40 calories, I thought that shit was like water, guess there's lot of sugar in it.
  7. pretend-black
  8. Man I need to be carefull or I'm going to get fat again

    But yeah I thought it was pretty low cal too

    You should try it with salt on it it's pretty good
  9. edit: I quoted you before your edit lol
  10. it already semi-happened to me. I "quit" smoking (aka cut down big time to almost never smoking) and then packed on like 7lbs or something in two weeks. Had to work extra hard to lose that and go back to old weight.
  11. Like me and paul
  12. ya rite, yall seen like what, 2 rap battles in your lives? don't make laugh
  13. 2 pounds is what, half?
  14. ya i ate half of a big one today (pause) and the other half last night rofl

    apperently an entire melon is like 1300 cal. kill me
  15. Oh, stop your #%!@ing. It's fruit. You'd have to try and get fat by eating it plain.
  16. tightening up my diet
  17. fructose mother#$%#er

    enjoy your carbs
  18. Thank god all I eat is taco bell so I don't have to worry about things like this.
  19. I usually eat half a watermelon at a time, they're delicious
  20. Stop being a #%!@.
  21. Timmiy is a bulimic
  22. lol 40 calories. thats not that bad.
  23. ww.youtube.com/watch?v=DEgMuhTmF7g
  24. I bet durian has a lot of calories in it, because its really REALLY sugary.
  25. great

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