NorCal meet

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Kitsune, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. norcaL, not norcaR.
  2. More like NASCAR!

  3. Meat. Drink. Do something obnoxious. Rinse. ???
  4. the question marks stand for the 2nd R. the 2nd R being Rape.
  5. Yeah, where's a good place to go-kart in the yay these days anyway? Maybe go to Denny's or something for brunch/lunch on a Sunday then go wherever.
  6. I haven't a clue, I just wang chung all night.
  7. Only decent go-karting places I know of are the one Adrian goes to (in San Mateo or something) and one in Sac.
  8. Yeah, there's Go-Kart Racer in Burlingame and Malibu Grand Prix in Redwood City. Adrain sucks at GKR so he'd only go to Malibu. We could all go to Malibu; it's like Boomers or whatever, games, pizza, mini golf, etc. Anyone apposed to meeting up on the 16th of this month?
  9. I'll be getting SHITTY that night, birthday on 17th.
  10. Yeah, no shit, same here so why not pre-game the pre-game???
  11. Yeah I know it's a bit stupid, but I still manage to get them mixed up
  12. GoKart Racer sucks. its filled with #%$s who race there every day who are so good that no matter what you could never get close. Also $45 per race is lame. malibu is a shitty time track with shitty huge outdoor carts but its $20 for all damn day and fun as hell.
  13. They have it everyday now, right?
  14. um i think its almost everyday minus weekend or something.
  15. Check and see if they are going to do it on the 16th, we should have our meet there.
  16. The place in Sac is ~$25 I think.
  17. How would Adrian get all the way there? 944 on blox.
  18. internets.
  19. that would be good cuz its like 5 mins away
  20. I don't mind going a ways to do something, but Burlingame/Redwood City is pushing it.
  21. how far is "a ways"?
  22. Less than an hour's drive, for starters.
  23. ok lets go to shitty concord or some hick town again and do nothing
  24. Or you could get a yob and fix ur car.
  25. im fixing my car right now

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