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    No, they claim 276 at the crank. Its much more than that in say an r34. manufacturers have been underclaiming hp numbers for years. You are wrong.
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    If you people are going to talk about your super cars and how flipping amazing the are, maybe post some slips or pics of them. Mine is shown in the Talon forum.
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    A 1993 talon is not a supercar.
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  5. WHY?


    why you called Pulsar GTi-R when you have a pic of a Escort Cosworth on your avatar.
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    it is tru they under rate it...but the reason they have to is because the emission controls they have on those cars aren't exact...along with air flow and other such devices..the only car to actually be at it exact figures is the s2000...the supreme engineered car...rated by the manufacturers at 242 hp...and wit the correct calculations u end up with 242.13hp...pretty dang good...the 300zx with its torque and rpm figures should have 344.859 hp...but due to the things i listed above keep it from that...and is not what they claim at the is what they claim at the fly wheel...all the cars in japan have to be limited to that amount of hp because they think anything over that amount of hp is a waste of power...and is economically invaluable
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    Not really. Any car over 276HP in japan gets taxed more. That is why people want stand along systems in japan so you can "detune" the car before testing and emmissions.
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    IROC! the stats here are wrong..way off! they've made a mistake...a 300ZX TT nail 0-60 in 5.1 seconds and 5.3 for the 4 seater...if u dont believe me,go ask the people on this site or do some research on the Z TT...the Z TT would smoke ur Camaro any time...u wana beat a Z with ur Camaro? throw in a super charge..dats the only way dude!
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    There is a lot of argument about the power of the car.

    The 300ZX acutally came out just as the 280PS (Which works out to be 276bhp) law came out in Japan, but the US spec 300ZX was not made in Japan so the law doesnt apply. Its like the Mitsubishi EVO Extreme which was 360bhp standard. They got around it by making them in the UK.

    So the US 300ZX is 300bhp, and the early models of the 300ZX from Japan are meant to be. I dont think the law was that strict in the early 90s considering the Supra and 3000GT had 320bhp.

    Dyno runs from Japanese Imports suggest they are around the 280bhp, and I have heard its all down to the cams on the US spec being more aggressive. Europe and Japan have stricter emissions laws which probably caused this.
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    I think Camaro SS will Kill this! are u crazy?! Hell ya it will Kill this!!!
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    You were banned for being a moron wern't you?
  12. I own one of these and i decided to see how much power it really had. So i took it to a dyno and it pulled 302 hp. So YES 300hp.

    And for the guy that said that his or his friends sentra could beat it is because this is STOCK. -you know what that means? NO NEW PARTS. Your sentra has a new engine and a NOx kit on it. No shit it would beat it.
    Damn your stupid.
  13. All you can say is:
    If it had 1000 hp i would maby believe you. But i havent see the dynos on your car and by the looks of it.....neither have you.

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