Not as fast as a Banzai Rx-7...

Discussion in '1999 Lamborghini Diablo GT' started by smakdown001, Aug 9, 2002.

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    yeh thats right; .

    Banzai Rx-7 = est. 240 mph top speed
    Diablo GT = what, 239?

    Banzai Rx-7 = 11.4 1/4 mile
    Diablo GT = slower, im sure;

    Banzai Rx-7 = 2.0 litre engine
    Diablo GT = gas sucking v12

    Banzai Rx-7 = $40,000
    Diablo GT = $300,000?

    If youre going foreign, dont pass this up!! Save yourself $250,000!!!!!!
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    i can not beleive this when you people are gonna stop comparing these cars , you can not compare here , between diablo's class and RX 7's class , and then is it 1 mile slower , so , even if it was i am sure it is not , diablo is a diablo , what about the rocket car that is been tested in jordan's desert it went 900 miles/h
    can you compare this with the diabl or mclaren or RX7 ,(NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO), so DON"T COMPARE A HEAVY MODIFID CAR WITH AN EXOTIC CAR ,and at last it is not for $40,000 .<!-- Signature -->
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    plus you want to compare what about diablo VTTT 257miles/h
    so stop talking about thing that you don't know . <!-- Signature -->
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    Um, a heavily modified car is an exotic. It is no longer the original car from the factory. Some of you Lambo children are great! How many actually own the 1999GT???????????? Thats what I thought.

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