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  1. Sure the GT-R is fast to 60mph, but it will not be as fast around a ROAD COURSE. The ROAD COURSE is where true speed is measured. All those kidds with baggy jeans and backwards caps will love the japanese car that can go fast in a straight line, but true car GUYS will judge the car around a ROAD COURSE.

    When will the Japanese make a car that is fast around a road course like the Americans and Europeans? Why do they make heavy cars? Why do they use steel chassis compared to better ALUMIMUM like on the Z06? Why do they need turbo chargers to make power?

    Nurburgring (from motortrend)
    GT-R: 7:55
    Z06: 7:42
  2. ur a rcer if u liek this car
  3. z06 can suck my balls gtr has turboes an z06 dosent ok?
  4. i know....they make really heavy cars...but i dont understand how the gtr has less horsepower and is heavier and does a faster quarter mile than the corvette z06
  5. massive wheelspin, gearing, AWD, VTEC, dark matter viscosity, etc.
  6. That's what I called "effective car"
  7. Nurburgring laptime for the GT-R is more like 7:35-7:38... not 7:55. so it is actually abt 4-7 seconds faster than the Z06, and 2-5 seconds than the 997 Turbo on the Nurburgring
  8. As far as I know, your wrong dipshit.
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    d!ckhead.....don't open ur mouth when u don't know ur sh! some research first and then f*ckin talk......

    read these articles
  10. Take off some weight off the GT-R so that it weighs eqaul to the Z06 and lets see how it runs...and when i say some thats 300kg....btw who knows that the z06 had less fuel which makes it even lighter <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  12. Well, I'd like to see the GTR post its official lap times, instead of the prototype. I agree, that's where real speed is determined, but 0-60 is a good marketing stand point =P

    More people can relate to the 0-60 than a track time. That's why a lot of cars will still point that out. Also, it's a measuring point where you can compare two cars on a sheet. So all of the GTRs marketing pamplets will be comparing the 0-60 time as well as other points to make its car look better and maybe sway a sales decision.

    As for japanese cars being fast around road courses, they've always strived to do that. I believe its many of the American cars who really put emphasis on the 0-60 and 1/4 times. Key example: Ford Mustangs, Chevy Camaros, Dodge Vipers, etc. They're suspensions and chasis are questionable, but they post great times on the straight.

    Being heavy... I believe the GTR is trying to accommodate a little luxury with performance and not breaking a certain price line. Porsche is able to balance luxury with performance, but at a high price. The Corvette cannot match the luxury aspect of a Porsche, but can compete with it in terms of performance. The GTR is probably trying to be a median point.

    Finally, the turbo. Many Japanese Manufacturers refuse to increase displacement for cars, because they're philosphy is trying to get the most out of a little (figuratively of course). The Turbo is an excellent way to produce performance without the increase in displacement. And from recent trends in Turbo technology, the lag is becoming less and less noticable (The 911 Turbo).

    Will this replace displacement? No, but it will be another option to consider when developing cars.
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    all of those were hype/bullshit.
  16. Honda used Ayrton Senna as a consultant for the suspension/handling development on the NSX, enough said, at least on the American V. Japanese, Track V. Drag Strip debate. I had high hopes for this car and maybe it will do alright, but it's not really as pure a driving machine as I would have like. This car is a fatty and that disappoints me, the other sad thing is the low redline, especially for a V6. Overall I am not too thrilled with the styling, its like a more extreme looking Dodge Charger from the side. I do like the exhaust set up, but that and the light styling are basically Ferrari F360 ripoffs. For the price point I think the new M3 is a superior product, as someone mentioned in an different thread, not to mention with that you can still get a 6 speed. If I had to go Nissan though I think I'd just buy a G37 and drop the 25-30 grand price difference into making a car that does what I want.
  17. who cares, senna is not a house hold name in north america like he is in the 3rd world, where people care about F1. I bet most of my friends wouldn't know who the #$%# he is

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