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  1. this car when it goes to production is only going to be called the Ford GT. and not the GT40. apparently some people at Ford "forgot" to trademark the name GT40 and some parts dealer took it. however he did offer to sell the name to Ford, but they didn't want to pay the 40 million US pricetag the guy was asking.
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    Hmm. What a jerk. Maybe with the profit Ford makes from the GT(40), they will be able to cough up the money to get the REAL name.
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    Ford should just higher a few hit men and then get the name through more agressive nogotitating.
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    I think it's good that Ford, ahem, "decided" not to call it the GT40... cause this is nothing like the legend. You see, we can go from many factors... engine, ride height, etc. This way, it isn't cheapening the legend of the GT40, just enhancing it, giving it status once again. The GT40 was in a class ALL BY ITSELF! This new car, the Ford GT, is meant to be sold as a "polish" if you will. To help bring Ford back to the fore front of the automotive world. The GT40 was built for one purpose, and it served it. The new Ford GT is for the new kids on the block, for those of us who weren't around to hear of the GT40's dominance. It's time for a new chapter in the history of the Ford Motor Company, and leading off the paragraph, will be the new Ford GT.
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    Really? B/C I heard (on speed vision) that the reason was b/c it was 44 inches from the ground to the top of the cockpit. Not 40 inches like the original. I also read the same in Road & Track.

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