Nurburgring Lap Times

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  1. Nurburgring Track Times

    woohoo! Can't wait!
  2. Nurburgring Track Times

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    Nurburgring Track Times

    the article and some (small) pics are now available online at:
  4. Nurburgring Track Times

    do you guys think that it might be a little unfair to try and compare the best lap times of cars set by diffrent drivers. take the porsche cerrar gt for example, the best nurburgring lap was set by a champion profesional race car driver and i dont know if the Zonda used a profesioanl but to me the only way to truly compare the cars abilites would be to use the same driver for both cars.
  5. Nurburgring Track Times

    Therefore Sportautos times are the most reliable and most honest tests we have when we want to know laptimes. Sportauto ALWAYS use the same driver, Horst von Saurma.
  6. Nurburgring Track Times

    Really, there is no perfect way to compare lap times, because drivers are always better with one configuration or car than they are with another. Hurley Haywood and Walter Rhorl are probably better with porsches than Jan Magnussen or Oliver Gavin, but switch to a corvette and the advantage swings the other way.
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  8. Nurburgring Track Times

    how can the allmighty Mclaren F1 get only 7:45 on the Norschlife ?
  9. Nurburgring Track Times

    private driver, just an estimate and no timed lap
  10. Nurburgring Track Times

    and technology advances.
  11. Nurburgring Track Times

    not necessarily as the F1 is said to be weak on the brakes and suspension
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  13. Nurburgring Track Times

    and next car in next issue?
  14. Nurburgring Track Times

    new Audi RS4, can´t wait!
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    Nurburgring Track Times

    also the new Porsche 997 GT3 which is said to be 10 secs. faster than its predecessor, the 996 GT3:

    7.37* -- 162.275 km/h -- Porsche 997 GT3, 415 PS/1395 kg,*mfr. (sport auto 05/06)
    7:47 --- 158.801 km/h -- Porsche 996 GT3 RS, 381 PS (sport auto 03/04)
  16. Nurburgring Track Times

    Wow! That's an amazing time for the 997 GT3.
  17. Nurburgring Track Times

    indeed, can´t wait for the sport auto Supertest to confirm that time
  18. Nurburgring Track Times

    Your post said that that was a SA test.
  19. Nurburgring Track Times

    it was a sport auto quote of a time mentioned by the mfr. (maybe i should add this)
  20. Nurburgring Track Times

    About Zonda F, I disagree, exspecially about performances...
    Zonda F 602hp, 760 Nm, CxS 0.74, 1371 Kg, = 0-200 Kph 11.4s (0.2s than old c12 S), top speed @ Nurbur 281 Kph
    CGT has (than C12 F)+10hp, -170 Nm, +102 Kg CxS -0.02 = 0-200 1.2s better than C12 F and top speed @ nurbur +13 Kph??!?!??!?!?!?!
    Horst Von Saurma, please, next time let go the handbrake!!!!
  21. Nurburgring Track Times

    Maybe it's 10 sec faster than the 996 GT3, but not 10 sec faster than the 996 GT3 RS.
  22. Nurburgring Track Times

    OK, so

    7.39* -- 161.575 km/h -- Porsche 997 GT3, 415 PS/1395 kg, *mfr. (quote sport auto 05/06)
    7:39 --- 161.575 km/h -- Koenigsegg CCR, 806 PS/1180 kg
    7.49 --- 158.124 km/h -- Porsche 996 GT3, 392 PS (AutoBild 2004),
  23. Nurburgring Track Times

    the CCR really isn't that good then
  24. Nurburgring Track Times

    simply overdone
  25. Nurburgring Track Times

    7.39 for the new GT3? I think I wait for a real test by sportauto, those so called supertest they have.

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