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  1. This beautiful asian chick is sitting by me right now in the library.

    wat should I do?
  2. Spank her and take pics.
  3. My camera is in the shop <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  4. Then shut up, this thread is worthless.
  5. Stop being a geek a posting about it on here, and go hit on her. Wait nm shes asian, she cant be hot.
  6. Kill yourself. In front of her. Mutter "I had nothing to live for" as you die.
  7. Tell her you have a pimple onyour back that needs some popping, post reaction.
  8. Larry the Cable guy sucks. Dont do that
  9. Ask her if she put pee pee in your coke.
  10. crawl under the table and eat it you pussy.
  11. No, he doesn't, he should get a nobel prize.
  12. I cant stand him. The rest of blue collar comedy tour isnt that great either.
  13. choke your chicken
  14. she has a myspace, Im gonna get it from her, and then her number.
  15. Agreed
  16. #$%# nevermind
  17. why?
  18. I said something stupid and had to edit it.
  19. Uh-Oh. Just as I was thinking of asking her for her number, Boyfriend just came.

    he isnt big, but Im not looking for a fight. #$%#! I really wanted to bang her!
  20. Remington is unattractive. He needs to stop thinking that he's going to "get with the girls."
  21. Tell her to sit on her scanner.
  22. I am not though.

    Rob I told you before, even if someone is unnatractive, that doesnt mean they can't get with girls, and I am not even unnatractive!
  23. I wish I had your self confidence.
  24. Hilarious.

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