Organic chemistry help - meso compound

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  1. How do I tell which of these is a meso compound? A diagram explanation in paint would be ideal, but if you can explain it in words really well that would be great too. Thanks.
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  4. Try the formula e=mc^2
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  8. Try making the mirror image of each. If you do it, and you can't superimpose it back onto the original, it's NOT meso.
  9. I don't know shit about o-chem. Or most stuff, to be honest.

    Edit: I think its B, though. But I'm a little rusty. You have to imagine the molecule in three dimensions. Take A for example. The Fischer projection says horizontal lines are out of the page, and verticals are into the page. So imagine the molecule in three dimensions, and rotate it so that the two CH3's are on the plane of the paper (meaning H out-of-plane and Br into-plane on the top, and the opposite on the bottom). You can now rotate it 180 degrees about the axis horizontal and on the plane of the paper and return the same molecule you started with. You can do the same thing for C and D. In the context of the question, B by elimination. But more thoroughly, you can try rotating it in your head the same way for each of the three sets of legs, but you'll never end up with the same molecule back again.
  10. I'm in guelph, I'm working as an elementary school lunch supervisor and studying for MCAT lol. I'm gonna tank it but I wanted to give it a try so I wouldn't regret not doing it in 20 years.

    I think I'm good for understanding physics and chemistry. Biology is more memorizing, but organic chemistry is a lot of understanding and I never took the class so I'm learning it for the first time on my own.
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    But anyway, meso compounds aren't optically active. Look at it in a mirror, if it looks exactly the same, it's meso.
  13. I think it's B, based on nothing but what I've read in this thread.
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