Ownership - Enzo or F1?

Discussion in '1994 McLaren F1' started by nolinkage, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. This thread asks which you would rather own. NOT which you think is better, NOT which you think is faster, NOT which you think beats the other, etc etc etc.

    So....say you were extraordinarily wealthy and could either buy the Enzo Ferrari or the Mclaren F1. Which would it be?

    For me......it's a damn tough decision. The Mclaren is so unique with it's 3 seat layout....and so lucrative....but I fear that not a lot of folks would know what the hell it is. That sucks - it's an extremely special car and I wouldn't want to be asked what it is. That would be really frustrating.

    The Enzo on the other hand.....it performs just as well as the Mclaren in the real world, and it is unmistakably a Ferrari.

    So....3 seats....unmistakable Ferrari.....3 seats....Ferrari....damn I dunno.

    I think it might come down to the recognition factor. I'd take the Ferrari. It's a shame....too bad the Ferrari isn't a 3 seater!
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    I would take the F1 because it is damn rare and it is much better for dailly use I think!And it has 3 seats!!^^
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    I would have to go with the McLaren. The Enzo is great, but the F1 is a legend. Also, being 1 of 75 (road car) owners is more of a privilege than being 1 of 399 owners.
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    I'll hope this don't disappoint you,but there are less than 75 F1s left because many many were destroyed!!!A shame!!!

    There is also an Enzo destroyed!Watch todays's POD! /:

    Shame on those mad drivers!!!
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    I've changed my mind. I'd go Mclaren. The three seats thing is just too cool, plus even though the Enzo is totally exclusive, there are tons of Ferraris about, and no Mclarens.
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    Good choice Mister! :)
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    i say mclaren f-1 cos i want atleast 2 people watch my speedo as it goes over 220mph
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    enzo for sure because as for companies mclaren cant touch ferrari and its more comemorative.
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    Definatly would rather own the F1 not only because of its exclusivness but because i just think it's a better looking car.
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    That's it!
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    the enzo is pretty damn rare theres only 399...and i actually think the 3 seats is gay...except if you got two hot chicks next to u lol....but...my name says it all....F1
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    F1 in a heartbeat. If people don't know what it is, well, too bad for them. Sometimes it's nice to travel around and not stick out like a sore thumb.
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    it doesnt matter what other ppl think of the car it is what u think of the car. i dont car if they dont know what a mclaren is but they find out after they get driven in one.
    so id definetly say mclaren f1.
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    Being a Very Big Ferrari fan i luv the Enzo but for me it has to be the Mclaren F1.
    3 seats, central driving position..
    the 6.1L V12.
    and the F1 is much more practical than the Enzo.
    and sexier.
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    DAMN RIGHT!!!!!!
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    I would take the Mclaren F1 Chassis #: 073 because of the color, better performance 691 BHP, navigation and stereo and leather!!!!
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    DUDE, as I've written before in one of the threads - the 3seat arrangement is in fact... NOT SO UNIQUE! Your dilemma between 3 seats and a Ferrari is over, because... THERE IS A THREE SEATER FERRARI!! :D And it was made way before the Mclaren. It's called the 365 Pininfarina Special. Here are some photos.

    Oh, and as to the question - I'd rather take the Enzo... love the looks, contrary to what someone said before; I think the Enzo is far sexier.
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    Chrysler ME Four-Twelve - .295 hp/lb
    McLaren F1 - .251 hp/lb
    Bugatti 16/4 Veyron - .230 hp/lb
    Ferrari Enzo - .219 hp/lb
    1965 Ford GT40 Mk1 - .213 hp/lb
    Ferrari Koenig 360 Modena - .174 hp/lb
    Lamborghini Countach - .139 hp/lb
    Dodge Viper RT/10 - .131 hp/lb
    Chevrolet Corvette Z06 - .123 hp/lb
    Porsche 911 Turbo - .119 hp/lb
    Ford Mustang Cobra R - .107 hp/lb
    Ferrari Testarossa - .104 hp/lb
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    me 2
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    Koenigsegg CCR - 0,310 hp/lb
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    F1. Not a doubt in my head. This is the car that reigned with an iron fist for over a decade. It's smooth and fast when it stands still. But, I want it so much more because it's the car that I've dreamt about for more than half of the 90's. The enzo is fantastic, but in the way of aesthetics, the conflicting angles and overdone flanks lose lots o' points for me.
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    no DUDE,

    the dilemma is not over since the Enzo is not a 3 seater!!!
  25. McLaren F1.

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