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  1. I was also responsible for many other cars which went to brunei, noticed some in the picture gallery, mercs and rolls Royce!
    Paul Bailey ( Paul.bailey5@orange.net)
  2. Hi, I would like to know any details you may have I've got the Jaguar mag with the feature on you with the full size clay model of the first
    generation Monaco ?I own 008 as mentioned in other posts and wonder if you may have any info on it's build .As regards a XK kit the company Zeemax have two kits one which looks very much like the Monaco i.e extra wide bodied .Regards Mike

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  3. Hi, Good to see such interest in these cars, I own what i believe to be car number 3, I bought it from a friend who owned the red car number 1, he sold this to fund the purchase of number 3, which was built by PBB to his specification, No. 3, is a silver coupe, it is featured in Kit and specialist Cars, August 1999, I didnt recieve the silver plaque with the car, the previous owner retained it, it has a gold plated growler though, I may have the build number wrong, it is a genuine car though, originally very well finished, I have some dta, articles, etc, if of help to members,
  4. Has anyone taken up Paul Baileys offer regarding setting up a club for XJS Monaco's,? if you recieve this Paul, I would be delighted to hear from you, Regards, David
  5. To all who may want to contact me, my address is monaco @ v12 jag . com (Remove the spaces)

    Paul, I would be interested in starting a club and would love as much information as possible.... I am surprised about your comment about never going bankrupt though as the bankruptcy was the only reason I didn't sue you in 2001 but that's a long time ago and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then and the main thing is that I want to gather as much Monaco related information as possible.
  6. Paul . bailey 5 @ orange . net

    Good initiative! I've been meaning to contact Paul about the history of the cars, but other things came up and I neglected doing it..

    I'll delete the mail adress in due time to prevent spam.
  7. Hello
    Does anyone of any PBB Monaco XJS for sale?

    Kind regards,

  8. Are there any PBB Monaco's for Sale?
  9. Hi Guys, I'm a newbie on here, but love XJS's (own two) and the Monaco is IMHO the finest non factory design ever - Jaguar certainly pinched that front end for the XK8.
    Anyway, I've read with interest the thread from Paul Bailey regarding a Monaco Club - great idea but I don't think it would really be a viable proposition due to the small amount of cars produced. However, he said in a blatant plug, I'm one of the founders of the XJS Club Midlands (xjsclub.org), which is the only dedicated UK based XJS Club, and we would love to have some, or even all Monaco owners and cars as members. I personally would love to see some on our club stand at an event. All the info for the Club is on the website but we believe that the Car is the Star, not it's owner. We are also non profit making and the total cost is a one off £10 - no annual subscriptions. We do produce a monthly emag (PDF file) and one of the main reasons for this bit of rambling is I want to have an article on the Monaco written for the magazine. Any help with this would really be appreciated as would any owner support. You never know, it might be feasible to have a Monaco Section. Incidentally, Pedro Leon Mayor, who I understand made the moulds for the Monaco is a current owner member.


    Martin Gliddon
  10. Hi, I own the original prototype (most of the bodywork is original anyway). I got it about 12 years ago and ended up transfering the bodywork onto a 6ltr as the ogiginal donor car was a heap. Found this forum by chance when looking for photos. My car was never numbered and although I got a set of siler metal plates to attach to the car, I never got arount to fitting them. I have about 4 magazines featuring the car if anyone wants to know more. The car is garaged and I will be getting it back on the road this year.
  11. Hi Paul I have one of your cars which I have owned since June 2012 I believe it was a self bulid chassis no. 170601 v12 convertible 1991 red I would like to know what the bulid number is, as I don't have any history on her.. I did put my name on this site but I'm not sure i did it right as I'm not that good with computers lol . My email is gadget1@live .co.uk I would really like to hear from you and a club would be a great idea.
  12. we're bringing people together for a change.
  13. Hi guys I just found this thread via google, Just some info. I worked for Bristol classic cars during late 90s early 2000.Nigel Bailey was the builder of the Paul bailey design cars He made the master's or plugs and did alot with the nissans as well. There was a RHD monaco in red that I fitted a the kit to probabl early 2000!? I have some pics somewhere of it,this was i think the last one ever fitted as his company went pop not long after and it was never picked up or finished! This might be your no.10

    regards scott @specialist paintworks
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  14. I was down at the workshop in Bristol late 2000 - picking up my kit ... possibly the last ( everyone tends to say that though ! ) .. at the time Paul was finishing off a blue 3.6 .. I took a video of it so I had the detail for my car - I'll try post some images later .
    I've still got mine 16 years later - not quite finished - there was quite a few bits missing which some I've managed to source from the guy in the states that bought the moulds (nice chap - very helpful)
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