Perceptions Aside, GM, Ford Can Stand Proud

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  1. This is my local paper, and regarding the quality of their car articles, this article is definetly total shit.
  2. Initial Quality can lick my nuts, I care about long term quality.
  3. Seriously.
  5. Most of you refuters have zero clue about what you are talking about. You come back with nothing as usual. Its actually kind of funny.
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    "Ford and General Motors have taken turns besting the Toyota Camry in quality surveys for the past two years, but if you talk to many Americans – especially the ones who would never consider supporting home-based auto companies – you'd never know it.

    Last year, the Chevrolet Impala beat the Camry in initial quality, according to J.D. Power & Associates. And Consumer Reports just announced that both the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan scored higher than both the Camry and the Honda Accord this year."

    So #$%#ing what? idiot, are you going to talk about ONE car or are you going to rant about the industry? or is the Camry the only "import" car in the US?

    And according to J.D. Power & Associates, you're lying (see pic)

    "There's also the mythical perception that foreign automakers produce the most fuel efficient cars and that Detroit only makes gas-guzzlers when the truth is that all automakers – including Toyota, Honda and Hyundai-Kia alike – have allowed fuel economy to slide in the past 20 years since they all now sell bigger trucks and more SUVs."

    He's "trying" to "prove" that the "mythical" perception is wrong, and then goes and posts an irrelevant comment. HAHA! They all have slipped, how does that prove that foreign automakers doesn't produce the most fuel efficient cars?

    "Perhaps the biggest perception problem is that American automobile companies GM and Ford – Chrysler is now German-owned – squander all their money on plants overseas and foreign automakers build their factories in the United States. Foreign car lovers will surely point to Kia's plans to build its first-ever U.S. plant in Georgia, but they probably won't mention that they received $400 million in tax giveaways to do it, which translates into $160,000 per job."

    And obviously those "American automobile companies, GM and Ford", don't get tax giveaways when they build plants overseas... oh, wait, they do! So what's the point of the rant?

    "Among the many benefits for the foreign-owned company, your tax dollars are going to be used for road improvements surrounding the complex, complete with flower beds and other beautification features. Hey, as long as we're going to allow states to bid for private jobs with our public tax dollars, we might as well make it look good, right?"

    That doesn't happen with the plants that american car makers have in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil...

    "And the foreign car lovers will probably also not tell you (or maybe they just don't know or don't want you to know)..."


    "Fortunately for our benefit, the United States remains the overall global leader in research and development, and a big reason for that is that American automakers. According to the Level Field Institute, U.S. car companies invest $16 billion in research and development annually, outpacing any other industry one could name."

    No way.
    I think that this idiot is adding al the R&D done by all the companies owned by GM and FoMoCo, on US soil or not.

    "Admittedly, the Level Field Institute counts German-owned DaimlerChrysler as an American automaker, so Ford and GM's combined R&D contribution to America is closer to around $12 billion. But who's counting, right? Certainly not the American auto-bashing media."


    "Japanese companies do employ 3,600 American workers in R&D, but that still leaves the foreign competition behind in the dust staring at American rear bumpers – 3,600 sounds like a big number until you realize that 65,000 Americans work in R&D facilities in the state of Michigan alone. In fact, two of the top four R&D spending companies in America as reported by the Wall Street Journal are – you guessed it – Ford and GM. The other two are also American companies: Pfizer and Microsoft."

    USA#1! JAPAN#2" #$%# YEAH!
    So "the japs" needs 3600 employees to get the job done, while, only in Michigan, the US companies need 65000 employees... I wonder why these companies do so bad...

    "Ford has recently made headlines as the American automaker with the most challenges to its future, but these challenges certainly are not because they "aren't making cars people want to buy." Toyota did outsell Ford in July, but since then, Ford has reclaimed the No. 2 spot."

    That was random.

    "GM has the highest market share, increasing over 2 percentage points from a year ago, so it apparently can't be accused of not making cars people want to buy either. Ford sales also are up in Europe, and Ford doubled its sales in China, where GM has the highest market share of any automaker."

    The irrelevance of the data that this idiot pours into the article, exasperates me.

    "And for all the talk about the lack of fuel efficiency of American automakers, it seems three-fourths of all automakers failed to meet Europe's improved fuel-efficiency standards intended to cut carbon-dioxide emissions. Japanese and German automakers topped the list of the study's worst performers, but according to an environmental group's study, GM's Opel division and Ford both "come out well."

    I guess that those Fords and Opels are also made on US plants, with those 16 billions of R&D spent by Ford and GM on the US... Idiot.

    "In closing, I'll leave some encouraging numbers for those of us who actually like to root for and support the home team."

  7. labor costs
  8. Please englight us!
  9. It's very entertaining to see them whine.
  10. Did you read that "article"?

    THAT was whining.
  11. Panda pulled a Guibo.
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  13. its horrid now
  14. No, I didn't read it, but I did see members whining.
  15. members "whining"? I think you saw people indignated with the bullshit exposed in the "article"...
  16. That article is more biased than Fox News.
  17. regardless of an up in quality, in my opinion most of the designs that have been coming out of the US are horrible. retro designs, do nothing for me. they only show that they couldnt come up with anything new. the designs are too big, too square, too unorigional.
  18. Ford GT = Awesome

    no matter what anyone feels about retro
  19. the GT is the reason why i said "most". they took the old car and made it more functional in today's world. the GT is what retro should be. not a completly new platform and shape, that takes its styling cues from the origional car.
  20. Im excited about that new Challenger
  21. "CONSPIRACY! PLOT! #1"

    wtf, pandabeat. This is quite possibly your worst moment. Therefore, you get the picard today.
  22. this whole forum is filled with american bashing douche bags. until a foreign company takes the number one spot, all of your arguments are complete bullshit.
  23. STFU southern trash.
  24. camaro is the American ajzahn and that's not saying much.
  25. You're not allowed to use this pic anymore after a dumbass post like that.

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