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  1. this car looks great.....could use some help in the hp depatment....this is anoter prime example of a car that i would want to have imported to america....this and a peugot 206 rallye<!-- Signature -->
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    What if it were those german bastards?
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    hehe, yeah, I think he's talking about your signature. I'm pretty sure it was Porsche. Don't think it was any american company, the only thing they've invented was the Small Block.<!-- Signature -->
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    hey hey we all know damn well who made speed bumps its was the big fat ugly po-po's/5-0/bacon squad/whatever u want to call your local law enforcement agency...those bastards!<!-- Signature -->
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    its a nice car to put body kits on <!-- Signature -->
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    I hate speedbumps. They f*ck up your car. Believe me, it happened to me...

    I'm proud to say I live in Belgium and you see a tuned Astra every five kilometers. Another reasing why I like Belgium... But again, we have very high speedbumps...

    keep the faith<!-- Signature -->
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    i own one of these thiugh its the Australien version. Its badged asa holden.<!-- Signature -->
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    it sort of looks like an import
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    it's really cool.. i live in sweden and are very proud... we care bout the enviroment and we got good cars!
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    nice avatar
    I think thats from a comerical actualy
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    is phat the word of the day? hehe

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