Picture Request- AMG Hammer

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by 09 challenger owner, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. #$%# me in the ass.

    how do I buy this?
  3. I #$%#ing love this.
  4. W124 and W126 were so sexy.
  5. I actually saw a W124 Coupe with a rear end spoiler exactly like this the other day. It said E36 on the back. Was this an official AMG model?
  6. Hmm yes apparently it was and it's rare, too. Dammit, should have taken pictures :p
  7. I've actually seen an Evolution II on the road. At first I thought it was some retarded ricer because of the enormous spoiler. but when I looked it up when I got home, I only realised what it was.
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  11. Nah, not in white, man.
  12. yah, i don't like it in white either but I don't think I'd necessarily find one in black either.

    regardless, I wouldn't buy that. I can't afford to own it. I really, really want to get a good 190e and make it into an Evo 2 clone though.
  13. Where there any W126 AMGs with the Hammer engine?
  14. Damn that is nice.
  15. Like that except it had the Hammer spoiler on the back.
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    this is exactly why I can't go to BC. I'd come back with pretty well all those cars.

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