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Discussion in '1956 Chevrolet Corvette' started by FordLord05, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. I think dodge is at their last string trying to keep up with ford. I mean the had to put a viper engine in their trucks to keep up with the lightning and now ford is putting out the new 2005 Lightning that will blow the srt-10 away. I mean don't get my wrong i like dodge but ford will always be on top. The srt-4 vneon is a nice car but i would prefer a mustang any day especially the new ones.
  2. Well if you'd prefer the Mustang over this, that's fine. But that doesn't make this a POS car. This is a great car and one of the very best bang for the buck vehicles on the market today.

    About the next Lightning. Yeah, it might be sad that Dodge needs to put a Viper engine in the truck to be fast, but it's even worse that Ford needs to have a supercharger in every performance vehicle of theirs in order to be fast. BTW, that new Lightning with 500 horses was just a concept.
  3. I just bought one of these. They are pretty sick. I beat a WRX STI and a Evo VIII out on the track. They are *VERY* underrated. I got on the dyno for 234.6 hp and 252.3 ft\lbs of torque. My 1\4 mile was 13.25 sec. With a good driver this car rocks. All i need now is to save up for a new turbo.
  4. m00nman you did not pull a 13.25 in a stock Srt-4. Either you have some modifications or your not telling the truth
  5. Moonman is full of it, nobody has run a 13.25 stock, the fastest stock time has been a 13.6, go over to SRTforums.com if you want to reall know about these cars
  6. Doubt it dude, the STi and EVO are MUCH faster in acceleration, and both handle much better on both pavement and gravel, if you are in fact not completely FOS, and did in fact beat them, there are 3 possibilities: either the drivers sucked very badly, it was in fact a WRX and Lancer OZ you raced (in which case you would have been hard pressed to beat the WRX, as it is on a similar level of performance with the SRT-4 on pavement), or your SRT-4 is very highly modified, and you are a damn good driver (unlikely, judging by the structure of your post, good drivers are typically analytical people, whether or not they know the jargon, they analyze how everything works, you just touted your fav car to be so great, the sound of someone not old enough to drive, or someone who thinks they're exceptionally skillfull when they are really just recklessly brave and very lucky to not get themselves killed every time they drive).

    Whatever the case, it would've had to have been a rolling start, because the lead the WRX would have gained on you from the start due to its superior traction (and your inferior traction) would have been too great for you to make up in one lap, at least with similarly skilled drivers and the similar performance level of the two cars on pavement.
  7. This is a great car! Any car that can get you from 0-60: 5.6 seconds for under $20,000 is exceptional. Its one of the best bang-for-the-buck cars ever.
  8. Amen to the price.
  9. stage 3 srt-4=evo killer.evos look fugly.sti's look sweet though.but dodge did pretty much kill every sport compact when they came out with this.
  10. the 1\4 mile is tricky..the car with more horse power and torque wont always win.even with a 0.075 reaction time in my Corvette which is an auto trans. i pulled off a 14.400 1/4 at 100mhp...and the funny thing was even with a .396 reaction time and an 105mhp top speed i ran a 14.879 what the hell? its bowls down to traction.those WRK's and Evo's are runnin 13.8's at 93mhp or 97mhp average. with not the best drivers either..traction is good when you have it..i think i need better tires....

    Moonman you mite have beat that WRX STI or Evo but they must have been bad drivers..I raced an SRT-4 also i destroyed the the guy he even reacted faster then me..but from the start until the end of the 1\4 all the SRT-4 saw was my tire smoke and tail lights. 13.2? you must have had some serious mods or maybe youre not tellin the trueth.....
  11. I agree, the Stage 3 SRT-4 is good competition for an EVO (though the EVO will still outhandle it).

    I dunno about killing every sport compact, it's a damn good performer, but it's not the only one at its level of Performance, the Cobalt SS, Civic Si, Mazdaspeed 6, and a few others are pretty good competition, though perhaps not the same in acceleration, the're still in the same performance group.
  12. Maybe I'm too spoiled and snooty, but I feel weird about the idea that any hillbilly in a trailer park car get a Neon for under 20K and beat great cars like the STi that cost 30K after doing something as simple as bolting a new turbo on it...... impressive numbers, but this car is not for me. Sorry =/

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