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  2. 1965 Exner-Bugatti
  3. BMW E26 M1
  4. O-O!

  5. 1955 Ferrari 410 Superamerica
    Series I SWB by Pinninfarina
    s/n 0499SA, Engine No. 499 SA
    Rosso Metalizzato with Ivory Leather

    In September of 1955 Ferrari, debuted their new Superamerica line at the Paris Auto Show with s/n 423SA. In total, 37 Superamericas were built, 36 bodied by Pinninfarina and a one off car bodied by Ghia. Just sixteen first series cars were built, of which only three were built on the 2.60 meter `Short Wheel Base` chassis. This example is one of those three cars. Additionally, this is the only 410 Superamerica to be fitted with a more elegant elongated and hood scoop, larger rear taillights, and larger Marchal driving lights attractively mounted within the grille surround. Collectively, these features give it a one-off look.

    This car was sold new though GASPAR, the Ferrari dealer for Portugal. It is believed the car was owned by two long-term Portuguese owners before November of 1989 when it was sold to France. In January of 1994 this car was sold to the US, where it has been with just two owners since. It is evident that this car is a fantastically well preserved example, and has not yet been the subject of a complete restoration. It remains a straight, solid, complete, and very original car which would make a great event car as is, or alternatively, a great starting place for a comprehensive restoration.

    It has most certainly been repainted at least once but remains its original Rosso Metalizzato (dark red metallic). Much of the chrome was re-plated some years back, and the wheels refurbished. Today, the chrome shows minor pitting and deterioration. The aluminum Borrani wire wheels have silver painted centers, which also show minor deterioration from the years. The car sits on older Dunlop 195 R16C tires. The exterior remains in its original configuration with correct Marchal headlights, driving lights, and directional lenses.

    The original interior leather has been carefully preserved thought the years, is original, and is in as good condition as you could expect given that it is 51 years old. The carpets and headliner have been replaced, but done in the least invasive way possible. The original sun visors are still in good condition. All the gauges, switches, and knobs are original and in good original condition. The period correct `flat` Nardi wood wheel remains. Overall, the interior has an original look with patina and a feel that simply does not exist inside a restored car.

    The engine bay and underside are both representative of a hyper-original car that has never been disassembled. The engine starts easily, revs smoothly with good power and no smoke. It is possible that the engine has never been apart or rebuilt. In January of 2005 Wayne Obry and Motion Products, considered the best restoration and maintenance facility for Ferraris world wide, recommissioned this car after many years in careful storage. The distributors were completely restored, carburetors tuned, and a complete mechanical analysis performed. At this time, a quote for a complete 100 point restoration was given.

    As a short wheel base example of the desirable first series cars, this matching numbers, no stories, complete, straight, and solid car will catch the eye of the astute collector who prefers the unrestored truth in motoring history.
  6. Does any one have a Premium account?
    If you do, could you send me the Picture of the Day with the Porsche Carrera on top of a roof with the skyline of NYC to
  7. the first 3 are film pics made digitally by my digital camera (the 2nd is from the digital camera)
  8. ?
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  10. Unique Talbot T26GS 1951 by Motto...more pictures in the "classic cars" section.
  11. Porsche GT1 with US plate (dealer)
    Renntech SL74 (at a local show, totally surprised)
    Mercedes CLK-DTM with US plate
  12. An Indy Oace car.
  13. Gemballa Porsche 964.
  14. 1911 Knox Touring car (one of 20 Knox's of all kinds left), 1911 Ford Model T Towncar (one of three built), 1923 Dort Touring car (just try finding another one).
  15. 1920 Stearns Knight
  16. Rare? Ha, I saw one of those on Saturday!
  17. was it a Model L4 Touring in original running condition with a sleeve valve engine?
  18. I used to see one of those cruising around town fairly frequently a while back. An orange one. I think the guy may have gotten rid of it though as one time I saw it he was at a local used exotic dealer checking out their inventory and I haven't seen it since. I have a couple photos of it on my computer somewhere.
  19. amazing car, i love it, and i love that shape in all cars
  20. Magnum Tech Art, 750 hp !!!!
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  22. I wouldn't consider a tuned Porsche Cayenne utra rare.
  23. Ferrari 250 GT California Spider
  24. I don't know how this ended up in florida.


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