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  1. i don't even know what it is.
  2. This. We here in the free world were not burdened with such vehicles
  3. I always just assumed the Daytona was terrible, not matter what's under the hood.
  4. We get those Daytona's on Canada, but I still really don't know anything about them. Looks like it could be a fun project car though.

    Post some pics of the Ram when you have a chance
  5. Looks like a failed attempt at a JZA70 Supra
  6. Post #216...
  7. Ummm, what? What "free world" are you living in? Is that like a "Lord of the Rings" or D&D reference? lol And I'd have a hard time considering a 400+ HP car a "burden."
  8. Well, the model had a 9 year run, and in 1993 was putting out 224 HP from a 2.2 ltr engine, so I think "terrible" isn't really applicable.
  9. There are a lot of fast turbo Dodges in Canada. I know a chap who is getting 500+ hp from the old style 8 valve SOHC 2.2 engines. I've put a lot of time into mine, and it is really a pretty awesome "Giant Killer."

  10. You know what they say about opinions...and on the other hand I can say the JZA70 Supra looks like a failed attempt at a Daytona. lol
  11. Terrible and fast aren't mutually exclusive. But enough about the K-car in a frock, tell us more about the SRT-10...
  12. Looks super clean, noice.
  13. yes i know. but we don't have that car here, so i don't know anything about it
  14. That matte paint job looks good. Most of the time the coverage is uneven and it ends up looking cheap.
  15. That mine are correct? Which leaves yours being oh so wrong?
  16. Believe me, the "K-car in a frock" is a helluva lot more impressive then the SRT-10 at the moment, but to give the people what they want...

    I bought the Ram this past October with 19,800 miles on it. Mods so far are a tune, cold air intake, oil catch can, Pirelli P-Zeros on American Outlaw wheels, a retractable bed cover, various dress up items under the hood, and some custom skull badges. Next up is a lowering job and headers/exhaust. Future plans are a built engine with a Procharger supercharger and intercooler. I'm looking for 1,000+ hp.
  17. Ah, I see. Well, it was produced from 1985-1993 by Dodge. Where are you from?
  18. Thanks. I had problems with the last car I painted matte black. I used a single stage enamel and it looked blotchy in some areas, and took a long time to get it all right. I used a base coat/clear coat on the Daytona, and other then having to get the right mix it sprayed out really nice. And with the clear coat it should wear better and be easier to maintain.
  19. Um, no, totally not, in fact HELL NO! Seems to me like your 15 minutes of fame was probably over years ago, but tell ya what, Ace. Why don't you tell me what you are building/driving, so I can be toatally unimpressed?
  20. He's from the Netherlands, and his opinions are always wrong.
  21. Ah. Well I always find it interesting to get perspectives from other parts of the world. Even if they are wrong. Lol <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  22. lol

    but yeah the only dodges you see here before the 00's are imported. dodge just started selling here. i sometimes see dodge ram's and dodge calibers
  23. Should I start with the RB25 Nissan SilEighty? Or the Audi V8 powered MR2?

  24. Gee, I am disappointed. I thought you would have something like a Hemi powered Yugo, or a Yugo powered Testarossa. Or at least a Civic with a fart can and NOSSSS!

    But really, start/finish where ever you'd like. I could use a good snore session.


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