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  1. Was he a true sports car mechanic?
  2. possibly
  3. Calipers arrived, monoblock casting, 4-piston by Mando.
  4. ugh

    lately I've been thinking about an upgrayedd
  5. Threw on my old steel rims and some wider rubber.

  6. Did this a while ago. Someone else took this pic. I've been too busy to write out a proper post bout it. Have a few during the trial and grind stages.

    16 inch front wheel
    315mm disc
    4 pot caliper
  7. Which car do you have again? How is the 4 pot compared to OEM?
  8. MR2, from 2 pots. Feels good, great bite with carbon ceramic pads. A lot better heat dissipation. Threw on some braided lines as well while I was there.

    Disc size went from F:276mm to 315mm, R:281mm to 323mm
  9. No mods, but I adjusted the ebrake today...with no luck. This was my first time playing with the star adjusters. I did what it said on info I could find online, left side crank down, right side crank up. Feels the same if not worse, can't hold on a driveway without leaving it in gear. It's actually probably worse. Maybe that diagram is wrong, and I did it backwards? Left side down right side up?

    I also bought a new low profile jack which was great, except that at max height I can't fit my stands under the car so I had to be extra careful and wheel chocked the fronts. When I loosened the jack to release, the whole thing almost came flying down. Is that supposed to happen? I've never used a small jack like that...

    Also I removed some things I didn't need to save some weight. Engine cover, and a part of the in car phone system. I don't use it anyway, I tried to remove the other part under the head liner but couldn't figure out how - I'll try again next time. According to the scale I have, I trimmed about 5 pounds off with the previous armrest removal included. I know it's not much but it all adds up, especially with a heavy car. The Recaro's once installed hopefully will save a good 30-40 pounds (though I've heard a pair of Sparco Milano's saved roughly 80lbs! I'll have to weigh the oem seats when I get them out). The Recaro's with their current rails are about 45lbs each.
  10. Whoops, did some more reading on other forums and I guess some write ups forget to mention the handbrake nut. Anyway, I just tightened that and now the handle itself is much harder to move. It still takes 7 clicks to stay on the driveway though... do I just need to keep rotating the star adjusters more? And before I do, should I loosen the hand brake nut?

  11. it should take between 5 and 8 clicks to hold the car.
  12. Maybe I'm greedy.

    Thanks for the info
  13. Throw some glossy plastidip on that when it starts fading in 6 months or so. Either way looks good.

    Today I went ahead and bought a 50" Rigid E Series LED bar. It's a driving/flood combo. I just need to get a custom light bar made up, as my truck has zero aftermarket and then I will install it. Quick mock up sitting on my roof.

  14. Yea we'll see how long it lasts through winter! Nice head rests.
  15. Not on my car, but put semi slicks and adjustable coilovers into a Nissan Cube today.
  16. Hitting the drag strip?
  17. Nope.
    Just cause
  18. fordman- does your tablet turn on and off with your car? Does music stop and start with it?
  19. Got the power settings to sleep after 1 minute of no activity and set to always on while charging. The power outlet it is plugged into only has power when the key is in ACC or ON. So it does come on and turn off with the key.

    The issue is with programs like Google Play Music or Sygic Navigation that have application permissions that override the power settings and force it to always on regardless of charging or not. Just have to get in a habit of backing out of any applications before turning the car off.
  20. That is actually pretty cool
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    Seems like a good deal but god that interior colour is horrible.

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