Preview: 2010 Mercedes E-Class

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  1. Mercedes is set to release its next-generation E-class sedan by 2009, with sales to start soon after the car’s debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Remaining similar in size to the current model, the new E-class will pick up styling cues from the CLS four-door coupe as well as a new angular front end with four square shaped headlights.

    Base models will be powered by a 184hp four-cylinder turbo engine, with the range topping out with a 544hp V8 model. New to the lineup will be a direct injection petrol V6 model, a 354hp diesel V8 version and the all-new hybrid model that’s expected to arrive after 2010.

    The interior will hopefully continue Mercedes’ recent return to form in the quality department, and is expected to feature a mix of elements from the S and C-class models including a centrally mounted color screen as well as an in-dash unit between the speedo and tachometer. The central control module and steering wheel uses a similar design to the ones used in the new C-class, and the side mirrors will also pick up the same integrated indicators.

    A wagon variant will hit the market less than 12 months after the launch of the sedan and will feature a widened C-pillar and a chrome strip across its rear. A second E-Class variant is rumored to stretch 20cm longer than the standard E-Class and be manufactured in China. It will be aimed at emerging markets where the owner of the car only ever experiences it from the back seat.

    Source: Motor Authority
  2. more lexus mimicry
  3. Did Mercedes all of a sudden just decide its cars were selling too well?
  4. yea it really seems like someone at mercedes decided that they should start making ugly cars
  5. whilst it probably wont look quite like a massive C-Class, those awful headlights have been done since the very first pshops of the new E-Class
  6. Front is beyond fugly, and it's got the tail light of the Sebring!!!
  7. motor authority LOL
  8. in before "nooooooooOOOOOOooooo0000000!!!!111" - by the pandabeat train
  9. It's going to look good. Watch.
  10. lol it's not going to look like that.
  12. God damn you Astley <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  13. zese pics are not from mercedes ...
  14. At least its a bit more interesting looking than the C-Class.
  15. wont look anything like that
  16. If the made the front headlight one piece instead of that little divider thingy, it would look so much better
  18. BS like wh0a
  19. front looks like Lexus nd the Rear looks like Hyundai. Let pronouce the dying E-Class
  20. Actually all of those pshops are hell-old.

    Sadly, after the disaster that is "CLC," I really can't say for sure what Mercedes will do with the E. The CLS is the last new Mercedes I still like.

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