Production 918 Spyder details.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Tipo F130A, May 16, 2013.

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    100% this.

    I hope it's great but am concerned by the weight. It won't match the headline numbers of the other two and may get overshadowed as a result...
    Though I guess it'll come out first?

    I think it's the most interesting when compared with the Ferrari and mclaren.

    There's a great line from the autocar article; "But is 875bhp enough?"
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    Is it interesting that it honestly seems like this has happened with all of Porsche's supercars? Even though they are usually better cars overall. The 959 is not nearly as well remembered as the F40 or Countach and the Carrera GT was eclipsed by the Enzo and Murcielago. I don't know why, because these cars are just so fantastic and beautiful. Everything Italy is putting out right now looks like shit and the McLaren is lack luster at best. The 918 is a classic in the making, I just hope it isn't forgotten 10 years down the line.
  3. apparently the mclaren does the nring in 6:33.

    no way the porsche is going to beat that.
  4. it's "a goal"

    i doubt it can do that but if so that is nuts

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