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  1. where do you suaualy do it?

    in someones hari?
    in someoenes bed?
    in the bathgtuyb?
    in th etoielt?
    or on sc.net
  2. usually right in front of the door of the toilet because the doorhandle turns out to be rather complicated
  3. you do it when someoen shoves his cock too deep down your throat.
  4. feels good when your dtunk.
  5. Toilet, bush, passenger window
  6. Like, when you have access to a bathroom?
  7. it's good for the plants.
  8. Yes, hydrogen chloride is excellent for plant growth.
  9. sarcasmonide isn't good for internet communication.
  10. But it's metabolites are, STFU.
  11. In the e-toilet
  12. get off this site! quick! you're in danger!
  13. On the bathroom floor.
  14. Somehow, my eye-mouth coordination is off when I am drunk. I often come short of the bathroom sink.
  15. Man, what the **** ?
  18. Usually in teh weeds, but other times in the toilet.

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