R8 Spyder ?

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  1. anyone wanna chop the top off of an r8 ?

    r8 roadcar of corse
  2. version 2 all done a paint not those fancy 500 quid pragrammes

    (getting photoshop soon)
  3. You should just download photoshop for free
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  5. ye but don't they have viruses on them
  6. nope, never had any problems with torrents I downloaded
  7. vcool. r8 spyder could very well work. thx
  8. Audi R8 SWB Spyder. Would be a rough ride though, with those wheels.
  9. I would photoshop one, but I hate convertibles.
  10. Are you:

    A) Living in a shitty climate.


    B) Really ugly.

  11. shitty climate.

    also: I don't like wind blowing my hair around.
  12. lolz hes probably bald.
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