Raced one at the lights.

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  1. Me and my dad were going down the moterway towards Wellington (In New Zealand)on his Harly V-Rod (which happened to still be cold.
    We saw a m3 Which looked real nice. After the lights went green it was on we took off infront but because the engine was still cold it strugled started coughing at 6000rpm (it has the most power at 7000) we also got stuck behind another car up ahead and the guy in the m3 came racing past us. We pulled back out and raced after him. We both slowed down after reaching about 200kph. But hell those m3 are real quick.
    That had to be the most fun i had ever had in my life.
    But we would of had him is the bike was at least warm cos it does a 3.4 0-100kph.
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    no you didn't
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    cool. while me and my dad were coming home frome something i dont even remember, we pulled up next to a M3. (we were in an M5) we both saw each others cars, and kinda just new it was a race. when the light turned green, both of us smocked our tires. in the end we totally dusted the M3. but it is still a fast car, but not as fast as an M5!
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    M5s are faster then M3s, but you dont own an M5.
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    I haven't had the pleasure of tangling with an M3 SMG yet, not in my '03 Cobra. I have taken a few older M3's in my '03 GLi, at least, they were badged as M3's with the proper lights etc. Now I have the Cobra, I'm game for the newer, faster beemers. M3's are beautiful automobile without a doubt with a hard earned rep but I'm still hunting for a willing victim. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
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    cool. Me and my mom were coming home from the hockey game in our Mig-21 fishbedC Fighter jet. We were flying down the road at mach 0.8, blowing over cars with the massive thrust the jet created. We pulled up to an M3. We reved the turbofan engine and with a blast of the afterburner, we took off, incinerated[literally] the M3 with our exaust fumes. Then we flew home to our 7 trillion square foot house in OAKVILLE. We parked the mig beside my 20 Mclarens, 80 ferrari's, and 60 lotuses. I have every rare car on the planet, and also own albania, Bosnia and hergeznovia, and 17% of Montenegro. Then my daddy superman came home and we had the Iron Chef make us dinner. My mig is faster than an M3.

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    Why are these stories so hard to believe.
    Its not like we're not talking about racing lamborghinis.
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    you are awesome!!!!
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    Just like to point out that the E46 M3 is not a super-rare exotic like most people make it out to be. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I see at least 3-5 M3s PER DAY. Not counting car shows, I've seen maybe 4 Ferraris on the streets in the 4 years I've lived here. I come across M3s of all years. Thanks to a very generous owner, I've had time behind the wheel of an M3 6-spd while working for a Nissan dealer. This car is a fabulous machine in it's current form, and I would be highly fortunate to own one eventually. I will say that I've stupidly challenged M3s with company cars and gotten my ass handed to me, and I deserved it. Not everybody is lying or blowing things out of proportion when they say they encounter this car. Just remember, some of us live in areas where an M3 is not as rare as one might think. Bring up the M5, and that's a different story for another forum.....
  11. WHere I livein The UK M5 are about slightly less common than M3s but I still would call m5s common (relative that is).
  12. Yah! Like, dis 1 time, i waz croozin in da hood, n i saw dis big ass m3 mofizzle stormin behind ma civic, n im like "i aint takin dat shit fo shizzle!" so i hit da Nawwwwwwwz! n i went 2 #$%#in 300 miles per da hour! n i win!
    U all looooze!
  13. I got dominated by and M3 in the twisty stuff north of melbourne in australia, I was in a WRX hire car with 3 other people so that probably didnt help. But yer these things are fast and they handle real good too.
  14. I've driven one
  15. I've found the worst thread in all of SC.net

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