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  1. Everybody hates it, Right?
    So here's an solution that race series round the world could copy from American racing, here's the Nascar Sprint Cup series (and best) version.

    Quote from wikipedia;

    Green-white-checker finish

    Caution with two laps remaining

    If a caution period starts, or continues, any time with two laps remaining in the scheduled distance, NASCAR allows at least one attempt to finish the race under green flag conditions. From 2004 through 2009, one attempt was allowed; starting in 2010, up to three attempts can be made. This began with the 2010 Budweiser Shootout. With two laps to do, during an official green-white checkered, Jeff Gordon got into the back of Greg Biffle, creating a multi-car wreck and giving the win to Kevin Harvick.

    When it is determined that the track is clear for racing, the green flag is shown, indicating the restart. As the leader completes the first lap, the white flag is shown, signaling the final lap. As the leader completes the second lap, the checkered flag is shown, signaling the conclusion of the race.

    If the caution flag comes out at any time during the green-white-checkered finish (2004-09), during the third attempt at any time, or after the white flag has been displayed in the first or second attempts, the race is over. The field is frozen at the moment of the yellow flag, and the scoring is official as cars cross the finish line. If the pace car has pulled in, but the leader has not crossed the start-finish line, when a caution occurs, the race will stay under caution since the restart has not taken place.

    In the event of a race ending due to caution, video evidence is used in addition to scoring loops to determine the official order of finish.

    A green-white-checkered finish will extend the race beyond its advertised distance, and competitors were not allowed to pit for fuel without losing positions. Teams are responsible for considering the extended distance in their fuel strategies. However, if the cleanup is expected to take considerable time, NASCAR may red flag the race with the cars on the track, so that cars don't consume all their fuel under caution.

    End quote

  2. That just makes it more of a show and not racing. It will eventually lead to someone getting seriously injured and is extremely unfair if the lead has a big lead.
  3. that's why it's good for nascar and bad for actual motorsport
  4. Wrong. Actually the green white checkered is much much safer then what Nascar used to do. Back in the day they would race back to the line to determine were you line up for the next green flag. This was very dangerous as it forced the safety crews to wait another lap to get to the accident scene. Also, there were times when a car would be in the racing line, and the entire pack is racing back to the finish line, which could result in a horrible accident.

    I can't find a video, but in 2003 at Loudon Dale Jarrett was in the middle of the track, the field narrowly missed him.
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    Found it.

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  7. Then you freeze the field when the yellow goes out.
  8. How can driving under yellow until the track is clear and then race full speed to the end of the race be More unfair than ending the race under yellow?

    And why would it eventually lead to someone getting seriously injured?
  9. You obviously haven't watched the frenzy of a green white checker in NASCAR. That is why someone could get hurt or killed.

    Say you have the Daytona 500, you are under caution at lap 200, the 500 mile mark but NASCAR has decided that instead of the 500 miler, it will now be at least 502.5 miles. I think thats unfair, if you are leading at the 500 mile mark, you should win whether it under caution or not. Its asinine that NASCAR ignores the "racing" and makes them go extra to make themselves look better.
  10. I watch all races and sure there's some fighting for positions when it goes green but that's how it is in all motor sports.

    They used to finish under yellow but during one race the fans got mad and because they didn't red flag the race.
    The "Green-white-checker finish" solution seems to be the best solutions for most fans and drivers.

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