Re: 2002 GT40 vs 1968 GT40

Discussion in '1968 Ford GT40 Mark I ‘Gulf Oil’' started by ferrari F40 GTE, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I believe so......but it's sad, isn't it? I guess money is #1 in Ford's books.
  2. The newer Ford GT doesn't even hit the 200 mph barrier.

    It has a 5.4 Liter V8 putting out 500 hp thanks to a supercharger.

    I would say the original GT40 would beat the Ford GT, even with lesser horsepower. The GT40 is a race car compared to the Ford GT which is a road-going version.

    Plus, I don't think Ford would want to hurt themselves by making newer version that would outdo the original. They are making the Ford GT to celebrate history, not to stomp on Ferrari again and make history.
  3. im not a real ford lover but, i thought that the new and the old gt40's look the same except on the new one, the back looks very different to the old one. (if that makes any sense)

    but if i had a choice, i would choose the new gt40.

    im from Australia and i dont really like the crappy Australian fords over here, but the gt40 is one of the few american fords i like.
    i mainly follow Holden here, and in America i like the Chevy's, cadillacs etc.
  4. The GT40 is a classic we can't deny it. It's the best char ever and everybody dream to have it. i doé.....this char rock|!!!
  5. That would be a good race.
  6. id take the origional. i would take it just because it is such a sweet car, and because of its history

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