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  1. I didn't know 540i's cost $26K...
  2. What i cant get is how is this car on the top of the popularity list it looks ok but there are many more better looking cars than this Mustang.<!-- Signature -->
  3. bah first of all your quoting a slow GT time to a fast T/A time. normal T/As run mid-low 13s and normal GTs run high 13s. secondly that car is gone after this year anyway. ford doesn't need a dohc motor. their 4.6 is a better engine than the 5.7.<!-- Signature -->
  4. mustangs are gay and really overated. 270 horsepower from a 4.6 liter, thats pathetic. Ive raced a bullit in a BMW 540i and beat that POS. How about ford starts developing better cars and then try to compete against euros.
  5. Too Bad Ford Blows... Where I live, this car would run a 15sec. 1/4 at best. That is way too slow, especially for the altitude that I live in...
  6. amazing but ....

    well sorry you ford lovers try harder you still havent beat the zo6 or the viper nor will you ever you need to devlop somyhing like the gt-90 well thiers not much moore to say on this car exect that its good looking and its afoordable!
  7. nice styling cues, but they should've given it more power for the Bullit version. It needs some more power to differentiate it from the regular stang GT, especially if it should be collectible. <!-- Signature -->
  8. i agree with Theace that it should have more power to differentiate it from the GT, but Knuckles, the point was not to make something that would beat a zo6 or viper.
  9. PhilC is right this car is a special edition that's all.....and Knuckles are you forgeting the Cobra R...Moter Trend did a test and the cars came very even and in fact the Cobra R was the best on the track.....but don't get me wrong the Viper is just amazing and the Z06 kicks serious ass, it is the best bang for your buck of the 3
  10. I agree with everybody on here. the bullit is weak 14.0 in the 1/4 compare that to the camaro 12.88 at over 100 mph that is fast. ford needs to wake up and get rid of that crappy 4.6 SOHC. THAT MOTOR IS CRAP. THE 4.6 DOHC THAT IS HALF WAY DECENT. FORD NEEDS TO PUT THE DOHC 4.6 IN ALL OF THE GT'S AND THE COBRA NEEDS THE 5.4 TO BE ABLE TO COMPETE WITH THE CAMARO'S AND FIREBIRD'S
  11. well, this car derived from a tv show, it's not all that much different than a GT, maybe they could've done some exterior work to make it different.
    95stang: just give it up you know the 300ZX is better.......
  12. fords are probably my least fav cars, but i was looking at the popular list, and there it was. ugh. 270 hp? thats all? you would think they could do better, and why not two cams? this is just plain old stupid engineering. id get a ZO6 if i HAD to.
  13. oh my god for the last time this car doesn't compete with the Z06 the Cobra R does
  14. Re: cool car

    pretty cool car, they should of kept the 5.0 engine but 4.6 is fine for this mustang.
  15. its pretty damn gay, they should have had salleen develop it
  16. this car is cool and all, but it isnt all that much better than the regualr mustang
  17. the reason it has only 270 hp is because it would fall into cobra territory which would hurt business for ford, and shawn, the 4.6 is a better engine then the ancient 5.0 anyday. saleen should have developed this? if he did, it would probably cost $50,000. i dont like saleens because it is just some guy that tunes a GT for you. i would rather buy a cobra and use the rest of my $15,000 to tune it the way i like it. the cobra is just as fast stock anyway, they have the same 1/4 mile time but the cobra is faster around a track any day
  18. faster then a Saleen?.......the saleen has upgraded suspension and aero would beat a Cobra on the track.....except the Cobra R which is the sickest stang ever!
  19. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from 300ZXmaniak</i>
    <b>well, this car derived from a tv show, it's not all that much different than a GT, maybe they could've done some exterior work to make it different.
    95stang: just give it up you know the 300ZX is better.......</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    actually it was derived from a movie of the same name starring Steve McQueen and his green 68 Mustang (against a black Dodge charger) if you dont know it, this is the mother of all car-chase movies. And being such a cultural icon (the Mustang, Steve McQueen and Bullit) Ford couldn't resist the idea of launching a car that may not be the ultimate performance Mustang but instead one that exudes heritage and cool attitude<!-- Signature -->
  20. The ultimate mustang isnt the little toy that ford built to make money off a movie license It was an 10.0L orange BOSS making 850hp that Coletti put up against a ringer that Jon Moss brought from chevy. Those two cars need to be on this page. <!-- Signature -->
  21. oh man I saw that car talk about sickness ohhhh my
  22. the svt site has a pdf article with all the specs on it.
    by the way he 10.0l boss is got the old 429 boss engine in it.
    0-60 1.9
    1/4 10.55
    850 hp
    790lbs of torque
  23. Ford could of got the same amount of power out of a 4 banger and it would of killed this car... I don't understand why companys are makeing v12' and v10's when they can get like 1500hp and a ***** of a lot of torque off a v8???? Ford should get there ass in gear and make something that compares to everyone esle to get some more respect. they have the money forsure just they were always a poor mans sports car
  24. mustangs suck, get an rx7, you cant lose...
  25. All I have to say is that this car SUCKS!

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