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Discussion in '2001 Chevrolet Corvette Z06' started by CadillacMan03, Aug 9, 2002.

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    I wasn't posting a points chart. I was posting the end of the article where it shows the lap times for each vehicle and that the Vette is quicker around a track where things like braking ability, handling, acceleration are all factors in the cars overall performance. "As far as laptimes go, it's not the Vette that dominates"; It's kind of hard to argue when you got the numbers from the source that you suggested sitting right in front of you. Had I have known that your idea of the Corvette coming up short of beating the Viper was the Viper doing a quarter mile .2 seconds quicker than the Vette in another R & T comparison than I guess there would've been no need in posting as anybody with any common sense would have just dismissed it along with 99% of the other garbage that gets posted in the "indy forums". But since you like acceleration numbers so much, perhaps you should check Motor Trend's (who tend to usually get the best figures) and see just how they stack up. Here's you a quick link:
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    Motortread overexagerates on there performance numbers.

    Comeon they said the Gallardo would smoke a Murcielago, How about you post up the same test from RoadTrack?.
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    How 'bout you post some of these articles to back your claims of the new C6 Z06 losing to the new Viper in more than just 1/4 mile figures? Or maybe perhaps one of those where the C5 ZO6 losing to one of those first gen Vipers like you claimed instead of asking me to post more articles after I have posted some showing the Vette outrunning the Viper in both track times as well as 1/4 mile times? Simply stating "Motortrend overexagerates on *their* performance numbers." without showing any proof of it just won't cut it with me either. And while your looking those articles up, go ahead and post where Motor Trend said that the Gallardo will outrun a Murcielago too since everywhere that I've seen them posting numbers the Murc is always well ahead in their figures. Oh yeah, as a point of interest, here's Top Gear's lap times for the different cars that they test. I believe you'll find the Viper down about #40 with a 1.28.5. Heck, even the regular model Vette did it with a 1.26.8, let alone the Z06's 1.22.4! I don't believe that there's any point in taking this discussion any furthur.
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    How about you go on over to and see for yourself that the Viper was tested "Slightly" quicker than the C6 Z06.

    0-60 3.6 seconds

    1/4mile 12.2 seconds @120mph

    C6 Z06

    0-60 3.8seconds

    1/4mile 12.3seconds @ 118mph

    And the times at some tracks from personal owners that iv'e talked with got these numbers this past week at a local track meet.



    BTW about the C5 Z06 vs the first gen Viper. you wanted proof here it is as you can see the old Viper still more than capable of beating a C5 z06.

    At the end of the day the Z06 is just overated. You americans have prasied some much bullshit about it and yet it can't out perform the Ford GT.

    Lets get back to the topic which it orginally was, the Skyline vs the Z06.
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    How about you read what I said: "How 'bout you post some of these articles to back your claims of the new C6 Z06 losing to the new Viper in more than just 1/4 mile figures?" Key words in that were "in more than just 1/4 mile figures". You're weighing your entire argument on the Viper being the faster/better car because of 1 tenth of a second in a quarter mile from 1 magazine. I've posted enough articles & figures that there's no point in posting more since you're obviously going to just ignore them anyways. Try looking at track times from one driver for both cars instead of looking at times from various drivers with different skill levels because that means absolutely nothing as far as the cars themselves are concerned. As far as your video goes, that was a second generation Viper not a first generation racing. And a 12.07 to an 11.99 is what you call "more than capable"? Are you kidding? Those times are lower than even some of the best quoted times from magazines so it's obvious to some extent that they were modified. Not to mention 2 different drivers with unknown skill levels thus makes that video pointless. Just like this one: Shows a Z06 passing all kinds of Vipers but proves nothing for many reasons. And now a comparison that you feel that the Z06 which is now at $70,000 can't out perform a Ford GT which costed more than twice as much at $150,000 even though in most test they were only seperated by a few tenths of a second and thus makes it overrated. I love how you just assume that I'm an American, though you have no idea where I'm from. At the end of the day people will still whine and complain even when blatant facts are layed in front of them. It's hard for a car to be "overrated" when it beats pretty much everything up to twice it's msrp. One of these days when you get a little older you'll finally realise (hopefully) that there's more to racing than just 1/4 mile times. Ah well...
  6. HY!I'm new here!My name is Jojomix,i'm 10 and i'm glad to be a member of this site.Oh,i think that Corvette would win.
  7. Hy¨!i'm new here.My name is Jojomix and i'm 10 and i'm glad to be a meber of this site.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  8. No,murcielgo smokes Gallardo,and Gallardo can't smoke Murcielago because Murcielgo is faster,better and stronger that Gallardo.

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