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  1. I'm sorry, I retract part of my last comment, I should have looked in to the package more carefully. However, I did say Twin Turbo package, not just twin turbo. I know that other things have to be done. I didn't realize that so many mods are made with the venom TT, but by stock, they are talking about when it comes out of the factory that modifys them. It's the same concept as a Saleen Mustang, It's considered a whole new model of the car.
    As for my coment about the Dauer Lamans, It stands as is.
  2. if that's your definition of stock, then the Blitz or Top Secret skylines are stock too...
  3. Look at the HP/Litre ratio and find out about real power and how to get it. How on earth can you compare an 8.0 litre car to a 2.6 litre car??? You can't. And horsepower is all well and good but it has to be usable horsepower. Sure you could somehow fit a 427ci motor to a Neon but would it go any good? No, ofcourse not. Before you make stupid comments think about it.

    GTR is king.
  4. You people need to make a distinction between stock and production. To say a "Stock TVR Speed 12" is fantastically ridiculous. A car purpose built from the get-go in limited production runs can hardly be referred to as stock. It is easily a fair comparison to put any road/street legal car against this (Hennessey Viper, whatever your choice). All the nonsenical preferences and partially informed juvenile banter is exactly that; the final, important factor is not whether it's good looking or whether or not one likes it, but what is the potential and what is the realized potential. No apples and oranges comparisons.

    Simply put, whatever you think of the car, the make, the model, the nation of origin: My 96 Impreza RS: 404hp at the wheels - whatever I've put into it! It may not have a ridiculous top end (I never use more than 115-120), but I am htting 4.0's 0-60, Rally-Level turning performance in the tights, stuck to the long turns, pulls .97 on the skids, stops on 15" discs in an instant - AND has A/C and a nice little system (and occasionally a Thule rack!) AND - most importantly, and a rare qualification - I CAN ACTUALLY DRIVE IT AND USE IT'S POTENTIAL unlike the vast majority of supercar owners who own them because they can afford them - which is why I beat porsches and the like in highway races back when this thing was Stock 160hp!

    Everyday (EVERY SINGLE DAY) Driven AND will eat All but the superest of cars. The only 0-60 comp I know that can beat me are overbuilt heavy american cars that can't turn. - Mind you Some american cars can turn, just not the 800hp monsters most people build.<!-- Signature -->
  5. Whos that chick in that picture Rs Terminator?????<!-- Signature -->
  6. I'm sick to death of hearing about the 800TT and it being compared to every bloody thing else, yes it has big numbers in torque and hp but is it driveable? No. Most of that power you can't get to the ground in a low gear. As for off-boost driveablilty, any highly tuned car will be fine idling all day in the stop-go of city traffic provided it has electronic engine management.
    From all the reviews I've read (motortrend, R&T, you name it) they all describe the wild fishtailing and wheelspins the 800TT does for most of the length of a 1/4 mile. You can't even get the accelerator half way down launching in first gear at 3500rpm. Where a AWD gets alot of power to the ground off the line and is rock stable and SAFE all the way down straight.
    800hp+ skylines hardly break traction at all, I've driven a 600hp GT-R that barely squealed the tires on 10.5 ET.

    The 800TT only runs about 14psi of boost, which is about what all engines will stand dead stock, most on stock compression ratio provided you can pump up the octane.

    The viper V10 if it was built from the ground up as a performance
    engine --it isn't its a modified truck engine-- would do a hell of a lot better.

    First of all you have to get your facts correct , The Hennessey Venom 800 TT is very drivable , the articles that you have read you must not have understood because they descibe all the fish-tailing and wild wheels-spinds down the lenght of the 1/4 mile , if you understood that they were describing the car doing this on its STOCK street trires heres a quote from Motor Trend ( June 2001 )
    " We arrived at at River City Raceway , located a few hours outside of Houston , Texas , amid heavily overcast skies and with a solid 20 mph headwind taunting us,Altough test conditions at the moment were less then ideal , the weather report called for rain , so Hennessey was eager to lay down some numbers rather then wait out the storm,
    First up was acceleration testing on STOCK-size radial tires ( Michelin Piolt Sport P335/30ZR/18 ) that proved to be extremly tricky, but amazing nonetheless . Not too much throttle off the line ( about 3500 rpms ) and a lot of careful feather-footing to AVIOD wheelspin , produced a stout 10.71-sec quater-mile pass at a staggering 137.6 mph ( with a soild 20 mph headwind ).
    But what would this mega-torque monster do with better traction? Hennessey engineers checked over the Venom 800 and swapped on a set of sticky Mickey Thompson E.T. Street 26x 11.5-16 street-legal " cheater slicks " Bac out on the dragstrip ,the soft-rubbered Venom 800 could now handle 5400 rpm launches , which generated just a LIGHT screech of the tires ( and a wild nose high launch attitude )
    With a few shake down runs complete, Hennessey tossed us the keys and told us to have fun , A few 10.28-and 10.11-sec timeslips brought grins to the nervously watching Hennessey , but when a 9.99@138.95 mph blast occured , Hennessey let out a cheer so loud the guys in L.A. heard it ."
    Now this did a 10.71@137.6 mph on Michelin radials on the same Michelins it did a 0 to 60 in 3.21 . now there is NO street radial that can handle 902 lbs ft of torque and the times this car has done on Michelin street tires are better then ANYTHING else !!!
    Put on some Street legal DOT slicks and it ran a 9.99 and a 0 to 60 in 2.43 seconds with a " LIGHT screech of the tires " and these times are NOT factory claims these are independanly PROVEN.
    and in the article it says later that night we did some crusing on the street of Houston. this car is NOT some high-strung race car for the streets its a HIGHLY tractable car which can be daily driven its fully accessorized and it comes with a warranty. this is NOT like the Mclaren F1 that has low-speed cooling problems and has to be pulled over because its overheating, and the Speed 12 is nothing more then a nice idea its NOT a production car and further more its not EPA DOT approved for street use in the US and on top of that its never been proven to do anything , its times are estimates nothing more.
    The Hennessey has proven all its numbers with the exception of top speed , which is estimated at 235 mph , which is totaly useless because you are NEVER gonna do it , but Hennessey's 650 Venom with 200 less horsepower has gone 215 mph so i'm, sure this isnt to far off from the truth. So don't compare what the 800 TT has proven to Concepts , Estimates or Nice ideas , come with proof and do it on this cars terms as well which is Street-Legal EPA DOT approved for road use in the US.
    And who ever said this car couldn't handle the 800 TT's Skidpad G is 1.05 G and its Slalom speed is a 75.1 mph , show me another car that has proven better , remember now NO estimates or nice ideas.
    And you also said the 800 TT runs on 14 p.s.i of boost your wrong it makes 833 horespower and 902 lbs ft of torque on ONLY 6 p.s.i and they can get WELL OVER a 1000 horsepower if the turn up the boost, but remember this is a street car and it runs on 93 octane.
    So if your gonna bash the car come with facts NOT misinformation remember when your making 902 lbs ft of torque there is NO street radial desgined to handle that you put on DOT slicks and you have all the traction in the world.
    And i like this skyline i'm not bad mouthing it but its not as fast as the 800 TT and thats just a fact .
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  8. I prefer the GTR but the REAL truth is that there always is a faster car somewhere. All anyone needs is (a shitload) cash.<!-- Signature -->
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  10. shefx, i believe the skyline tops out at 213 because its geared low, which is better for track races. On no twisty track will a car reach 213 miles per hour, but this car just shoots out of turns like lightening. I'm sure they could up the top speed but that would make it a little less quick. Like the McLaren LM, it has a faster 0-60 time than the F1, with the same engine, but a slower top speed because of how its geared. It all depends on what you want from a car.
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    The Skyline Veilside R1 street-drag reached 300kmh in 13.72s

    The video is aviable on , in the "speed king" section.
  12. i know this is off this topic but there is a new bugatti coming out
    W16 (VW's engine, yes VW) and i does 0-300 in less than 14 secs
    also top speed is 406 km/h
    as for engine it's a quad-turbo 1001 hp/920+ tq STOCK!
    and when I say stock I mean stock, no mods
    also car is all wheel drive
    also vw is coming out with W12 Coupe that in it's concept form set 10 new world speed records (i think avg. speed was over 325 km/h)
    both cars would kick any skyline's/viper's ass outthere
    u never expected something like that from vw, haven't u??
    everyone should know that euro cars are the best cars in the world both performance and luxury/style wise.

    peace out
  13. SKYLINES WITH OUT MODS well r32 and still go hard out all the way to 180kmph they stop @ 180 because of a chip take it out and your already ripping it up to about 250kph. But the best thing about the skyline is its sheer handling they are an excellent car
  14. all you people who compare 800tt's with everything, is it the only car you know? sure it's good, and so is the skyline, I bet half of you people have never seen these cars and sit at home reading data from your computers about cars AND/OR can't afford a good car AND/OR have no friends

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