Re: Ford is a good company. peole who say ford sucks are dumb

Discussion in '1963 Shelby Competition Cobra 289 Le Mans Hardtop' started by R32FRD, Aug 9, 2002.

  2. I never liked Ford, never will. This Ford F-350 Tonka is a pretty unreal concept. The only thing I see impressive is their GT40, it looks ok, and its pretty fast, and it kills Ferraris. Somewhere in a Car and Driver magazine, I read that this truck has two bottles - one filled with low-viscosity oil, and the other with nitrogen, both linked by a hydraulic pump. It has some weird function that it pumps the compressed nitrogen into the oil tank, which now contains oil under about 5000 psi of pressure through the pump into the other tank, which generates up to 250 additional horsepower. Sounds kind of like NOS to me. Ha, I thought my Tonka trucks had NOS while I was playing with them when I was a four year old...wait, I never played with Tonka trucks, and I didn't know what NOS was until I was 9, a couple of years after Nitrous Oxide Systems was formed. Heh.<!-- Signature -->
  3. I have a question... How many Ford haters here have had a Ford long enough to know if they suck or not?... That's what I thought... I was a Ford hater once, but then I got a REALLY good deal on an F-150(that's what it took to get ME to buy a Ford) and I love it. I have had NO problems just pure enjoyment.<!-- Signature -->
  4. that compressed nitrogen is like the regenerative braking on the electrocars. when you hit the brakes it stores the energy by compressing the gas. think of it like sitting on a spring... when your big butt lands on it it stores the kinetic energy and holds it as potential energy until you are ready to move then it rebounds and fires you outta the seat. <!-- Signature -->
  5. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from CobraWitABang69</i>
    <b>Ford is one of the best companies out there!! All yall chevy lovers don't know what your talkin about. Look at the back lights of the new chevy k10 with the flare side. It looks exactly like the lightnings back lights!! So yall chevy lovers better accept some byrds from me.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Hey look here slap nuts chevys look nothing like fords not even ther tail lights do. so why don't you do everyone a favour and pull your lip over your head and swallow<!-- Signature -->
  6. haha, this is some funny stuff, have you noticed how fords forum on average is the longest ones on there are some funny people on here though, with out a clue of what they are saying.
    i specially enjoyed the vetter and the guy with homer as pic.
    anyway the tech on this truck is amazing it will bring a hole new level of comfort and power, as someone mentioned about the pressured tanks, well thats for giving the truck extra power from starting still, it will save you about 20% of gas. so it is handy.
    and one more thing chev had to redisign their truck twice after ford did theirs once to come close to the numbers that ford is selling. and wait till the new trucks come out there they go again.
    thanx for the laughs
  7. Ford is okay but personaly i like dodge and chevy better.<!-- Signature -->
  8. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from payton101ca</i>
    <b>FORD aint one bit of a good car company. They aint reliable. They don look good and they definately cant preform. (I don want to listen shit about Mustangs cause those are shit.) Ford is at the bottom of the automotive barrel. And F*uck you people who say Fords better than GM cause they aint and you ppl are just pissed off from that fact...</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    "DONT LOOK GOOD!" have you seen any new movies lately? Gone in 60 Sec. used a ...Oh yeah thats right! a Mustang. Why? Well is that not the Sweetest lookin car you've ever seen. (And dont just look at it through those loyal GM eyes, forget for a sec. that its a Ford and think about that one.) Fast and the Furious used a Lightning. I know I would love to have a work pickup that looked like that. Why do you think movie producers use theses cars? Because they look good and people like them.
  9. <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from CHEVMAN</i>
    <b>People who say Ford Sux are smart they know the diference between thire ass and a hole in the ground!!
    Any dodge chev or gmc would waist fords ass in any race at any time

    PEOPLE WHO LIKE FOR CAN KISS MY ASS!!!!!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    "Any Chevy could waist Any Ford, Any Race, Any Time" ok i choose small sized pickups. A Chevy Extreme and A Ford Lightning. You go ahead a race those til "Chevy waists Ford" you'll be there a while."Hungry, Grab a Snickers"

    And to touch on the subject of idea stealing. Anybody notice how the Extreme looks much like the Lightning. I wonder where the designers at GM got the style from?
  10. This is how im understanding this forum. Ford fans are using known and easily accessable facts such as 5 of the top ten sellers including the 1 selling car and truck and this truck beating up the duramax. Chevy fans however have gone to saying petty insults about ford cars being gay, saying that ford sucks with no proof and physical threats against ford loyalists that they will never have to back up. So who sounds like they are putting together the better case here? Anyone can say a car sucks but with no proof you are just wasting your time.

    And motor trend is owned by gm? Thanks for pointing that out, I have suspected that for some time.<!-- Signature -->
  11. The argument of who is better (Ford Dodge or Chevy) will go on forever until one of the companies buys out the others. But until then people will continue to fight over the subject. I have nothing against either dodge or ford but i prefer chey trucks (note i said trucks). I have owned three Silverados (I never had any serious problems with any of them even though i drive them very hard) I am currently driving the 2002 2500HD LS with the 300hp Duramax Diesel 6600 V8! Now for my line of work which involves extensive towing and hauling this is the best truck for the job as it can haul more than any of the dodge or ford models. Now for all those who were saying chevy trucks suck consider the following info.

    -The Vortec 6000 V8 SFI engine, standard on 1500HD, 2500, 2500HD and 3500 models, is more powerful than the standard engines in heavy-duty Ford and Dodge pickups.

    -An available Big Block Vortec 8100 V8 engine produces more horsepower and torque than V10 engines from Ford and Dodge.

    -The available Duramax Diesel 6600 V8 engine available on Silverado HD models outmuscles diesel engines on F-Series and Ram pickups.

    -Silverado 2500HD and 3500 models have the greatest maximum towing capacity in their class

    *Based on the 2001 year model line-up.
  12. now i can see were some ppl get away with saying fords are unrelyable especially during the 80's were they lost everyones trust but now they have fixed it and are regaining trust if you are just jelous that ford is selling more and more vehicals that not only outlast gm and crysler products but also out perform then well then i guess that is just ur problem
    who cares who sealed whos ideas it all goes in a non stop circle anyway
    and mustangs sell well due to the fact that they look good and perform well for the buck you pay.
    cobras will compete with vipers and vettes as of 2004 when ford releases there new engine and model
  13. Been a while, and been doing some studying up on this stuff..I figured that if I am going to reply, I should have any and all info about the specific task.. now allow me to start.

    First off, let's not forget the toyota tundra and the nissan frontier.. their options have put them at the top of the pack, among their rivalries.. i will also agree to the fact that nissan have very reliable pick-ups. my boss owned a nissan for 4 years and had nothing other than a few oil changes and new wiper blades, done to it.. in tht time, he put 250,000 kms on it as well.

    I have no favorites, i only believe in true durability and workmanship.. trucks that have been put to the test of years of labour. Of the three trucks my former boss had, the one he still has in the labour force, is his '92 dodge 24v turbo cummins.. he sold his powerstroke for the lack of fuel efficiency (that is the only reason). had a shitload of pulling power, but was a pig on gas. He also sold a 6.2 l diesel 3/4 ton chev.. was a 94.. he blew his rear-end twice, and said #$%# it to chevy. had more troubles and shop time than all of his farm trucks combined. Needless to say, i was also not impressed. i see these new chevs in the shop a lot? i wonder why.. and the oil rigging companies up here, why are they all changing over to ford and dodge? take that as a hint chevy fans.. your hd's are not proven, new, and mostly plastic... you see those avalanches? goddam
    but, enough of this.. gonna have people chewing my hide.. and if you want any stats or any kind of info or proof, catch me at [email protected] 'cause i am certain that chevy is only building for mass ,not for quality. ford and dodge will be the long time running truck comps around very soon.. chev will buckle soon.. we shall see these duramax's in action.. and fail miserably..

    oh, as for this truck? drop the powerstroke engines, i sadly have to say, and take up cummins or cat's designs.. much better engines..
    <!-- Signature -->
  14. I judge trucks on what I have seen. I live around a sh!tload of farmers and mechanics, and majority of those people in my area ( damn near all of them) own Fords. NONE OF THEM OWN A FU
  15. do you live in West Virginia? because that's the only place i here people talk like that.
  17. Unfortunately, they talk like that in the midwest two. Most of the time, Ford lovers are quiet and don't pick a fight with the GM lovers. It is usually the GM lovers that start fights around here.

    Note to all Ford lovers, don't attempt to change someone who likes all the other companys to like Fords unless you got a sweet Ford and trust them enough to let them drive it.
  18. are you retarded ford is definetly the best but dodge is not even close gm is beter tan any dodge. dodge should learn how to build a trany because what good is a motor if you cant get the power to the ground

  19. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Quote from Brandon J Lindgren
    Ford is a thousand times more reliable than a chevy!
    Dodge is pretty frigin equal with ford,

    Ford/Dodge are the 2 most reliable companies out there...
    i love both companies,
    ford has stolen dodge idea's,
    dodge has stolen ford idea's,
    chevy has stolen both their idea's
    and vice versa...
    and so on and so forth,

    its part of the business get over it...

    now if you all will stop sayying ford is unreliable, you will come off a whole lot more intelligent to the people u talk to...

    why do u think that in canada all the city trucks are ford... and sometimes dodge and almost never chevy... because ford is the most reliable, most durable, most efficiant, and over all good.

    Ford has capitalized the world of vehicles since henry ford created the production line...


    are you retarded ford is definetly the best but dodge is not even close gm is beter tan any dodge. dodge should learn how to build a trany because what good is a motor if you cant get the power to the ground


    First off, I haven't seen much stealing on Chevy's part because they have yet to trash their truck designs and start from scratch. Second, Dodge is a division of Dalimar Chrysler and GM owns Chevy. You're comparing a company based on stocks to an automotive manufacture. Third, the power in Dodges get to the ground because I have seen them move (it is designed to the best of their ability). Fourth, in the Midwest of the USA, Chevy and Ford are about equal with Dodge behind. In other words, travel a bit and you will find it varies a lot all over the industrialized nations. (Perhaps your just not looking for them) And fifth, Henry Ford did not create the production line, he just used it first in the automotive industry. It was created most likely in the stone age but first had industrial roots in meat packing plants.
  20. I'm not in the least bit impressed by Ford, but, what a moronic thing to say, few Corvettes have anything over their racing bred counterpart the Saleen Mustang, the ones that do are highly modified *ahemlingenfelterahem*
  21. If FORD is such a bad company, than why have thay Sold more Vehicles Than Any of Crysler or GM's Companies Combined, Ever
    in the History of Automobiles.

    And as for the trucks, Ford didnt Copy anyone, Look at the First Pickup trucks ever made (which where Ford's) and than see where dodge got there idea's From.

  22. It is rummered that Ford sold their design that was used on the pre 2002 (or whenever they released the new design that is seen on 2003s) model Dodge trucks. How credible that is, i do not know, but it explains a lot.
  23. Maybe those Fords have been abused more than than the comparison. All the Fords in this area are abused compared to Dodge and Chevy.
  24. You mean Ford and Dodge were somewhere between Honda, Subaru, Toyota, BMW, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Peugeot, Citroen, Audi; and Chevrolet & Mercedes? why, that would put them at 11th and 12th wouldn't it?, not much higher on the list if you ask me. And DO NOT try and tell me that Dodge is in any way as reliable as any of the afore mentioned cars, the President of Daimler Chrysler openly admitted that Dodge doesn't have as good quality control as any of the above manufacturers, and as a result the number of defective vehicles that come out of the factory is far higher.

    I do find that surprising though, I would think that Chev, and Ford would be far more reliable than Dodge (countless bad experiences with Dodge - including brand new Dodges).

    P.S. Mercedes don't cost nearly so much in Europe. hell, in some places they are so cheap that they are used for Taxi's.
  25. How about a family owned '95 Caravan driven by a VERY timid (when it comes to driving) mother, and a skilled but very mild driving father? Which lead to a rally racing son (that's me).

    Transmission went after just 5 years, no matter what was done (including replacement of the transmission) the van just could not avoid transmission problems afterwards, which is why it got traded in for a Toyota at a very good price. Not to mention countless minor reliability issues (small, cheap parts that had to be replaced far more often than they should)

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